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minesweeper Feb 27, 2018

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    Hallo folks,
    this is the LAST update for a very long time, today I had to box the modules. But I took advantage and shot some more pictures, this time we are in the late 60s, not in the early 80s of the previous set.

    An ALN 556 railcar (background, it is quite camouflaged) arrives from Castel di Sangro, in the foreground a beer car waits for unloading on the team track.
    The brewery will be part of my layout.

    A few minutes later, a light local (80 tons) arrives from Avezzano pulled by a FS class 940 2-8-2T in its final years

    The 556 goes to the fueling station
    While another 940 is ready to replace the one just arrived
    At the freight shed a wooden baggage has quite some time for loading as it can not go with the 940 without exceeding the tonnage on the 3% climb, and has to wait for the daily freight.

    The freight is being blocked and weighted anyway....
    (the flatcar looks american, yes it is a former USATC flat from WW2)

    Afrer a while...

    Now it is time for the two passengers trains to depart

    Yes, the layout will actually depart in 15 days for Rome (ITALY, not NY), see you in some months.

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