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Ben Feb 2, 2003

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    the locomotive you like is a D343 class diesel locomotive. That class went into service during the second half of the '60s and it's still use in regular service. It's a diesel electric locomotive but it was not so powerful... about 900 Kw, so it has benn used on flat lines (check the map: Milan, Verona, Cremona, Parma, Brescia and so others cities in norther Italy).
    If you want, look at
    and you will find the special number of the magazine dedicated to that locomotive... (and it's quite cheap!)

    Ciao, Jgiovenni

    p.s. more shots:

    P. Bardotti - class 880 steam locomotive at Luino

    F. Bugatti: electric locomotives class 646 and 636 at Milan

    F. Bugatti: electric locomotive class 636 rebuilt after a wreck (now it's called Camilla...)

    M. Zanchini: electric locomotive class 645 at Milan (this locomotive was paint as it was during the '60s in the colorful "treno azzurro" paint scheme)

    M. Zanchini: electric commuter train in the historical FNM brown paint scheme

    M. Zanchini: electric locomotive class 645 repainted in the '60s paint scheme (green and cream, the best paint scheme I've ever seen on this locomotive!!!! :D :D :D )

    E. Maggini: electric locomotive class 626 (the oldest - it was put into service during the '20s and it lasted until '80s!!!!)

    and much more on the site following the januar and februar links...

    Hopw you will enjoy,


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