MODELING It's Friday, August 20th 2021: Weekend Modeling Plans

Jim Wiggin Aug 20, 2021

  1. Jim Wiggin

    Jim Wiggin Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Welcome back everyone to the Gateway to the Weekend! I hope you all had a great week and are ready to spend some time at the layout, work bench or train room. Let's get started.

    Saturday: For the first time in a while, I have nothing planned. No trips, no shows, nothing. I have been working on the train / work shop / home office for a few weeks and I'm finally ready to start working on stuff again. Today's goal is to work on the HO project layout I have been working on for Athearn. I need to paint the track, start the ballast process and start building the kits I picked up last weekend. All of this I hope to do while enjoying my podcasts.

    Sunday: I'll more then likely sleep in a bit and enjoy a nice breakfast with the Miss. It is supposed to be nice and I really need to do a deep clean and detail on Angela's car. It is something I have been putting off for a while. I'll also attempt to do the same to Jess my railfan Jeep as she is going to a Jeep show next weekend. Hoping to stick close to home this weekend and do some of the things I enjoy.

    So how about you? What do you have planned for the weekend? Let us know. We'll assemble again on Monday the 23rd to see how we all did. Until then, have a great weekend, be safe, stay healthy and as always...

    High Greens!
  2. Kevin Anderson

    Kevin Anderson TrainBoard Member

    In Evanston WY this weekend for the Free-moN operations meet. Getting to meet up with some great modelers and run some trains. This layout is huge!!!! 290 modules. More pics to come[​IMG]

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  3. SP-Wolf

    SP-Wolf TrainBoard Supporter

    Happy Friday Y'all!!

    @Kevin Anderson -- Wow - that is spectacular!! Looks like Y'all are going to have a grand time.

    As for me - keeping it simple (Again) - continue work on my newest F7 project. Should be able to add a few details - then paint.

    Y'all have a fantastic weekend,
  4. Kevin Anderson

    Kevin Anderson TrainBoard Member

    Those of you might remember Mark Watson . He is here as well as a few other well known modelers.

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  5. logging loco

    logging loco TrainBoard Supporter

    I'm following SP-Wolfs lead again this week. Keep it simple, but still touching all three points in Jim's opening remarks.

    LAYOUT; Finally finish up the rip cut/splice of the HCD layout currently in the cellar. Just one piece to glue in place then thourough sweep up, oil and put up tools, empty workbench.

    TRAIN ROOM; Phase II of work bench reconfigure. Move small but heavy drafting table to other corner of room for future mini power tool area

    MODELING BENCH; continue work on granary.

    Have a good one!
  6. dti406

    dti406 TrainBoard Member

    Good morning from sunny and hot Northeast Ohio!

    Kevin, that looks like fun!

    Friday, not much done today, first night of bowling will not have to be Secy/Treas for the first time years, all I have to do is enjoy throwing the ball.

    Saturday, need to paint a couple of cars that I finished during the week along with decaling a GP40-2 and a couple of other cars. Working on building an early Evan 5277CF Boxcar kit with a lot of modifications and an ACF RBL with a lot of modifications from an old Mckeen kit.

    Sunday, more decaling and start to cleanup the basement so I can start on a layout, will be an enjoyable proposition.

    Rick Jesionowski
  7. Hardcoaler

    Hardcoaler TrainBoard Member

    Like @logging loco , I'll be cutting on my two HCDs. Also hope to complete my search for train table leg casters by visiting various Lowes stores. I found the perfect ones 18 months ago and should have bought them then. Now they're hard to find and more expensive, but I think I'll be okay -- I have four Lowes stores in easy driving distance and am finding a few casters in each location. I'll order the remainder if I run short.
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  8. rjthomas909

    rjthomas909 TrainBoard Member

    Planning to continue a set of 190X ACF boxcars, from modification of the 36-ft Accurail release. Protoype is near completion and will get some modifications for the final design. Decals from Precision Design (William Brillinger) for STL&SF and C&EI versions.


    Have a Great Weekend All,

    -Bob T.
  9. Hardcoaler

    Hardcoaler TrainBoard Member

    Wow, that's a beautiful car Bob! I always enjoy seeing what you're up to. (y)
  10. bremner

    bremner Staff Member

    fly to Burbank
    have lunch with the girlfriend
    go to San Diego
    see T.S.O.L. and The Descendents play tonight.
    go to an 80 year old woman's surprise birthday party (seriously,
    who throws a surprise party for someone who is that old?)
    gun range with brother
    ARCA race at Irwindale with dad...
    I have a full weekend
  11. nscalestation

    nscalestation TrainBoard Supporter

    That looks like a great layout Kevin. I know you and Mark and many others have been working on your modules and looking forward to this. Hope you have a great show and all are safe from the virus.

    The need last weekend for a DC test track got me motivated to start building one. It got started during the week and I may be able to finish it this weekend. I also plan to re-arrange the tempoary east end staging yard on my layout. The smoke from all the fires has finally reached us so will be avoiding going outside as much as possible which may give me a bit more time in the train room.

    Everyone have a great weekend whatever you end up doing.
  12. BoxcabE50

    BoxcabE50 HOn30 & N Scales Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    My wheel sets are supposed to arrive in today's mail. Will be interested in finding out how well they work. Have a couple of different truck frames for experimentation purposes.

    Otherwise, continue working on a couple of ongoing kits. Fiddle with this and that. It's all progress. Slow, but progress.....
  13. Tompm

    Tompm TrainBoard Supporter

    The weather will dictate whether I do outside things or inside things. Outside I have a weeping cherry to trim and some bushes to trim. Inside it is time to pull the shears down and wash them.

    I plan on building the Walthers platform kit I have. I painted most of the parts the other day. Now onto assembly. I would like to run some trains. Been a couple of weeks since I did a video. I got a couple of Athearn RTR RF&P GP40-2's I like to try out.

    Greenberg Train Show is in town this weekend and I would like to go. Not sure if I can pull it off.
  14. gmorider

    gmorider TrainBoard Member

    Wow! Lots going on! FreeMo is an interesting idea. More Frisco! Other great stuff. At this moment, my bungalow needs a chimney and front yard details. Otherwise, I think it is complete. I will try to get pics on here. Saturday is chore day. Sunday is open due to our family reunion being cancelled plus expected rain will limit outdoor plans. All be safe and have fun. :D
  15. Mark St Clair

    Mark St Clair TrainBoard Member

    Made a bit of progress on last weekend's projects in mid-week. Which brings me to what to do next.

    Friday: I needed to make some changes to my drawing file for use with the Epilog laser cutter at the local Makerspace. Submitted an update this morning for review by the instructor. Hope to have that ready to go sometime this weekend. Waiting for samples of material to try out when the file is ready. Maybe those will get here, too. This is all for the disc overlays to convert spoked drivers to disc drivers. Later today I plan to paint the pewter overlays to change the trailing truck. I think the prototype is a version of Delta truck, but different than the ones available on market. One of last weekend's objectives was learning to solder the pewter castings. I was successful with that effort and modified some GHQ parts to achieve my solution. Pictures on Monday. I hope!

    Saturday: Soccer games all day with celebratory bacon, if things go well! Otherwise it will be humble pie and tear-soiled beer.

    Sunday: Depends on how Friday goes. If the drawing is ready, I will cut a first pass of the driver overlay. Trailing truck assembly is scheduled for Sunday. There should also be time to revise my drawings of the first sand dome based on learnings from the steam dome. The steam dome was another project form last weekend that I finished mid-week. Just needed a little adjustment. Trying to make some shapes with creativity and a limited skill set. If that fails, I will throw money at the problem.

    In any case, a full report on Monday.

    Stay safe,
  16. Kitbash

    Kitbash TrainBoard Supporter

    Not sure. Yesterday and today at the office were intense and quite frankly I haven't thought about it.

    HOWEVER, after chilling tonight w/ the Mrs.... tomorrow morning I'll wander in either the trainroom or the work shop and figure it out. There WILL be model railroading involved. Sometimes with no plan, it turns out to be the most productive weekend.

    As for work, it is official, I will be "semi-retiring" effective Dec31 of this year. My firm is going to allow me to work on whatever projects I choose and let the young-bucks start picking up all of my department head responsibilities. I'll probably be working somewhere around 20 hours/week and focusing on a few projects. God willing and health there will be more railroading in '22.
  17. in2tech

    in2tech TrainBoard Member

    Gonna continue to work on my diorama for learning scenery stuff. My order of more Smooth It won't be here till next week, but gonna do some more mocking up to see how I want it to look. Need to find my 3 Atlas TTX rolling stock ( I think they are called ), to attempt to change out couplers to Micro trains. Once again I have to find them :) I will say I am enjoying the smaller diorama 12" D x 32" W to learn with. I don't feel as over whelmed as I do when trying to figure out what to do on my 2' x 4' base! I know it is small but I have never enjoyed scenery before, but the diorama is helping me with that! Here is hoping :)
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  18. GP30

    GP30 TrainBoard Member

    I have no plans set in stone, but I will probably work on a variety of smaller items:

    • Replace ties where missing
    • Drill holes for buss lines
    • Pull buss wire as far as practicable
    • Remove old ballast from top of the viaduct
    • General clean up!

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  19. Kevin Anderson

    Kevin Anderson TrainBoard Member

    Great day running trains. Ended the day with Ops. I was a dispatcher. [​IMG]

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  20. Pastor John

    Pastor John TrainBoard Member

    Saturday (today): I have several ideas, not sure all of them will get done. At some point this morning I hope to run about a half hour north of town to buy a used 20 gallon aquarium for our son's turtle. The little guy was only the size of a quarter when Jonah found him stranded in a puddle but he's 3 or 4 inches across now and his 10 gallon tank doesn't give him much room. And, since Jonah is on active duty in Texas, his care falls to me.

    Later, I hope to take a load of furniture from our neighbor's estate to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. My wife and I would both really like to get some of that space back in our garage. The rest of that collection will be donated to two other charities later this summer, but one of those will require a five hour trip to rural Kentucky to our church's mission there.

    I'm also hoping to order enough electronic parts to build several keep alive circuits for engines that are in the queue for DCC conversion.

    And I might just start playing with an old Windows computer. I'm hoping to get it running on LINUX and, if that works, then install JMRI and start learning how to use that. All of that is likely to take a while, but should make it easier to program those locos that are slated for new DCC chips.

    This evening will be a casual dinner with my siblings since my brother is in town from Indy to visit Mom.

    Sunday, of course, is church, lunch, and then I'm off to the Sebring (Ohio) Model Railroad Club for the afternoon.

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