It's Friday, October 15th 2021: Weekend Modeling Plans

bremner Oct 15, 2021

  1. bremner

    bremner Staff Member

    Hey everybody!

    So, there's a new sheriff in town this week due to Jim Wiggin doing the unthinkable and taking a vacation. So for those that have items planned, let's get started!

    For me, it's time with my kids and working, the joys of being a single dad. I keep having issues the the trackwork on Playa Desnuda and getting it to run right. I am going to keep working on cleaning track until I can run a loco without it being at 40smph...

    So what do you all have planned? I'll be posting the Monday Followup sometime after my shift ends....have a great weekend!
  2. Grey One

    Grey One TrainBoard Supporter

    This morning was a walk to the bus stop with the 11yo. We discussted video games and the speed of light indicating how close the 'Helix Nebula' was, (only 7 light years). Today's APOD was a galaxy 70 Million light years away meaning tha image we see is 70 million light years old. Wrap your head around that at 6:42 in the chill October morn.
    Don't foregt: 186,000 miles / sec: "Its not just a good idea. It's the law."

    Next: I'm going back to bed.
    Later I'll get, um, how many details do you want? Ya, so, never mind about my cerial with blue berries and coffee.

    Will go to grocery store but time it to get a photo of the Needham Line commutwer at Rosslindale station. Might get a photo of the loading platform and make initial plans for reproducing it. It is barely big enough to keep 3 people dry and only if the rain is coming straight down. Um, wait, In New Englland? ya, never mind, you are getting soaked.

    Will print out my 'container sized' homes on card stock. The paper mockups looked just about right. It is a 'fantasy' home of mine and will be positioned over looking the main fright line on the layout. I'll add as much detail including telescope, outdoor shower and jacuzzi.

    Some Relevent News: The 'Girls', (my wife and her two daughters), have moved up the moving schedule and I have less than 2 years before I have to pack the 'Grey and Grandure' up. Not knowing what my future space might look like I have decided to focus on 2 of my 2'X8' 'sections' in hopes they will fit the new space.

    Saturday: I *might* get the foam finally done but I *think* I will focus on laying out just one part. Just get it done.
    We should still have this beautiful October air / weather so will likely take a walk to the 'Arnold Arboretum' and depending on the light take pics of stone walls to super-impose / print onto cardstock for my fantasy home.
    I also might get pics of Boston from the top of 'Peter's Hill' which can be printed to cardstock and be used for 'mobile backdrops' which can be used for photographching scenes.

    Sunday: Ya, right. Never mind, I'm going back to sleep.
  3. in2tech

    in2tech TrainBoard Member

    Well the test leads with alligator clips and terminal board missed it's delivery yesterday by Hamazon, so hopefully today so I can test my Atlas U25B motor before moving on with other adjustments or test? I hope I can get it to work, been on the bench for a week now! I'll report back.
  4. SP-Wolf

    SP-Wolf TrainBoard Supporter

    Happy Friday to Y'all!!

    Well -- I'll try it again -- to work on my latest F7 project. Hope to get them ready for paint. Perhaps get the first color on.

    Report on Monday.

    Y'all have a fantastic weekend,
  5. MetraMan01

    MetraMan01 TrainBoard Member

    Going to work on a NKP winter scene 12”x6” diorama for a Christmas present for a relative. I’ve got the base, track, and structures in place. Loco and two covered hoppers already weathered and waiting. So tomorrow I’m going to put the small road and parking lot in and start on scenery. Haven’t done snow before, but looking forward to the experience.

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  6. Tompm

    Tompm TrainBoard Supporter

    For the weekend I plan on getting the rest of the outside Halloween decorations done. The inside decorations are done and about half the outside. Saturday is predicated to be wet and windy so I will probably do something inside. Sunday will be weather dependent as there are more bushes to trim in the back yard.

    I hope to run some more trains. I have a couple of passenger cars I need to change out the plastic couplers for Kadee couplers. Since I am running trains, I will check the cars I am using. If they are Athearn I will add a screw to the coupler clip. I also will check for plastic wheels and change them out. I would like to begin adding the roadbed to the station area and then relay the track.
  7. dti406

    dti406 TrainBoard Member

    Friday, may do some finish up work on a couple of kits and get them painted before heading off to bowling tonight.

    Saturday, no club for me the men of the Cleveland USBC will be running the women's Sweetest Day Tournament so all the female members of the Board of Directors can bowl in the tournament. May get to some decaling later Saturday night. Also will be stopping at Malley's Chocolates for a gift for my wife as I head home.

    Sunday, will be laundry and some modeling including decaling and new car construction and painting. May start on the C36-7 that I have been intending to do for quite a while.

    Rick Jesionowski
  8. nscalestation

    nscalestation TrainBoard Supporter

    Good morning all,

    I plan to work on cutting in the river on the smaller 3 ft section for the next layout expansion and when I get that done seal it with paint.
  9. Kevin Anderson

    Kevin Anderson TrainBoard Member

    I have a long weekend this week so I hope to get some stuff done.

    Friday I will be prepping for a clinic at the NMRA meeting Saturday. Also need to visit the LHS.

    Saturday after the clinic I need to get some track work done. Also planned is decoder installs and some decals on a couple locomotives.

    Sunday I will be taking my daughter back to college after her brief fall break.

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  10. Hardcoaler

    Hardcoaler TrainBoard Member

    Will finish up filling nail holes and paint touch up on the new N Scale train table, then sketch out aspects of connecting two 12 VDC power supplies, Kato power pack and a basic DCC throttle to a surge-suppressing power strip and master power switch. Maybe do a little railfanning as well, depending on what might show up.
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  11. BoxcabE50

    BoxcabE50 HOn30 & N Scales Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Well, I might just get around to painting the car I didn't do last weekend. Beyond that, nothing specific. I will just let my imagination take me to that next project... :)
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  12. gmorider

    gmorider TrainBoard Member

    Big shoes you're in Bremner. Big shoes. :) Have fun! Such busy folks here. Yesterday completed running gear for the four covered hoppers. Earlier got material and tools ready to assemble car roofs. Extra chores this weekend. :oops: We will see. I hope that fellow gets his nap in. (y) All have a fun and safe weekend. :D
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  13. Grey One

    Grey One TrainBoard Supporter

    Hmm, Halloween, Wonder how long it would take me to put together an appropriate diorama.

    Anyone up for a challenge?
    Halloween themed 'display' by the 31st?
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  14. Pastor John

    Pastor John TrainBoard Member

    Well, with my wife only recently home from the hospital and tethered to the oxygen concentrator, I'm not going too far. Since we were bringing her home and getting her set up during the week, I spent a good part of today (Friday is usually a day off) working on Sunday's message and catching up on work emails, etc.

    Tomorrow I might get to the basement workshop to advance a project or two, or maybe get some pre- winter prep done on my truck and garage.

    Sunday, of course, will find me up early and at church by seven. Our daughter will likely come over to be with my wife while I am out of the house so I probably will not go to the train club in the afternoon. Time will tell.

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  15. logging loco

    logging loco TrainBoard Supporter

    I was hoping to work outside tomorrow but hadn't checked the forecast. I'm not far from Tompm so I guess outdoor work might turn into train room time and maybe a little river fishing in rain. I'll get to try out my new wading shoes

    I never finished replacing the spindle on my neighbors mower due to waiting on parts, then one or the other of us was out of town and the parts were in his truck. I really want to wrap up this repair. My neighbor doesn't seem too concerned. It's a good thing he has goats!

    Hobby wise it's the same things languishing from last month.
    I should finally finish up my workbench reconfigurnization and replace a couple of missing track pieces on the layout.

    I started staining some salvaged wood to act as a border to contain wood chips surrounding our future raised garden bed so if the weather cooperates I'll continue that.

    I also want to combine parts from an old long handle cultivator and expanded metal bicycle basket into a sand flea rake. I'll use it to catch sand fleas, aka mole crabs, on future LBI NJ fishing trips.

    On a side note, this week's jetty fishing trip was very therapeutic for my knee. The fish cooler came home empty.

    I hope everyone has a productive weekend.
  16. GP30

    GP30 TrainBoard Member

    Fairly ambitious plan for this weekend:

    1. Connect the main track progressing from the south to the main track at the classification yard that was placed several months ago.

    Alright, I hear you all chuckling, let me explain further… This involves fastening down plywood base, overlaying with foam sheet, sketching the plan and laying about 12 feet of flex track and a crossover.

    Plywood is already cut, so I have a head start for the morning!

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