JMRI on Raspberry Pi3 B+

french_guy Oct 18, 2021

  1. french_guy

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    I'm running JMRI on a Raspberry Pi3 B+, using Steve Todd image
    It works just fine, and have done already several updates
    However, I've noticed that when I start the Raspberry, the screen remains black. When I unplug and replug the hdmi cable, I can see the JMRI interface for 1 sec, then the screen goes black again
    Sometime I can get the display after 1 unplug/re-plug, but sometimes it takes several iterations before i can get the display and use it normaly
    Any idea where it comes from?
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  2. Mark Ricci

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    Seen this with a variety of OS's and causes can include;
    1-Old Cable and/or monitor (1 PC one would have to shut off and back on monitor for display...
    2-Raspberry Pi's current video resolution is unsupported by monitor

    3-Video - Monitor and - or HDMI Configuration on Pi
    Mr. Todd's image uses the Raspian OS. You may want to check the article about 1/2 down the link

    Also, I'm currently using a headless Pi 4 access totally remote using VNC (sometimes from windows and sometimes from IOS-VNC supports numerous platforms or OSs). If you have time, try installing VNC on another device, attach to same network as Pi, remote to Pi, and see how the Pi's Desktop and JMRI is displayed. If appears normal, I'd definitely explore the 3 items above.

    Hope this helps...
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