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    There is something for all Era's this month, from the early YM LINES scheme to the 2021 CMA CGM Port of LA special scheme, and all in between Era's, plus some unique Visionary Series releases. Thank You for your interest and support.
    October 2021 pdf Link ; https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1959/5441/files/OCTOBER_2021_RELEASES_BROCHURE.1.pdf?v=1634404780

    This month JTC announces a second batch of 17-post well cars. We are expecting them to be here before the end of the year. Here is a link to the announcement Flyer: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1...-9f64-415c-a105-d3e1c121e12c.png?v=1634039005
    Reservations can be Direct or through your Dealer. Our website: www.jtcmodeltrains.com

    Below are direct links to new products that will be shipping to direct dealers and national distributors within one week.

    'VS', VISIONARY SERIES Releases (Dealers and Distributors MUST request VS product line)

    485025 Happy Thanksgiving- Now In Stock - https://jtcmodeltrains.com/products...system-jtc-485025?_pos=1&_sid=b61762805&_ss=r
    "VS" HAPPY THANKSGIVING - 48' HIGH CUBE corrugated container with Magnetic system.

    485029 Missouri Pacific "Buzzsaw" logo. https://jtcmodeltrains.com/products/vs-missouri-pacific-buzzsaw-48-hc-3-42-3-corrugated-containers-with-magnetic-system-jtc-485030?_pos=1&_sid=deb8305d1&_ss=r
    This is based on the last Silver 'Buzzsaw' intermodal scheme.
    "VS" Missouri Pacific "Buzzsaw" 48' HC 3-42-3 corrugated containers with Magnetic system.

    205002 HAZMAT STORAGE UNITS https://jtcmodeltrains.com/products/vs-hazmat-storage-containers-20-std-height-container-with-magnetic-system-corrugated-side-jtc-205002?_pos=1&_sid=9a68633cd&_ss=r
    - 20' Storage - Beige and Orange containers. (1 of each color, 2 pack). Milti-color printing of prototype labels.
    "VS" Hazmat Storage Containers 20' Std. height container with Magnetic system.

    20' Std. Height Container

    205433 Camera Container (This is a must see, make sure you smile) https://jtcmodeltrains.com/products...d-side-jtc-205433?_pos=1&_sid=33fe6c6a7&_ss=r
    CAMERA 20' Std. height container with Magnetic system, Corrugated-side. This is a prototypical container!

    40' Std. Height Containers:

    405308 Maersk Line https://jtcmodeltrains.com/products...-steel-containers?_pos=1&_sid=9719ddd6b&_ss=r
    MAERSK LINE - 40' Standard height (8'6") corrugated side steel containers with Magnetic system.

    405341 K-Line https://jtcmodeltrains.com/products...-steel-containers?_pos=1&_sid=c863fe9b4&_ss=r
    K-LINE KKFU 'website scheme' - 40' Standard height (8'6") corrugated with Magnetic system.

    405343 NOL https://jtcmodeltrains.com/products...-steel-containers?_pos=5&_sid=5928d7a3d&_ss=r
    NOL Neptune Orient Lines - 40' Standard height (8'6") corrugated side with Magnetic system.

    405345 YM Line (early scheme) https://jtcmodeltrains.com/products...-steel-containers?_pos=1&_sid=5928d7a3d&_ss=r
    YM LINE (early scheme) - 40' Standard height (8'6") corrugated side with Magnetic system.

    405346 CMA CGM https://jtcmodeltrains.com/products...ainer-jtc-405346?_pos=10&_sid=5928d7a3d&_ss=r
    CMA CGM (CMAU) HAZARD STICKERS scheme - 40' Standard height (8'6") corrugated with Magnetic system.

    405347 Farrell Lines https://jtcmodeltrains.com/products...-steel-containers?_pos=2&_sid=5928d7a3d&_ss=r
    FARRELL LINES - 40' Standard height (8'6") corrugated side steel container with Magnetic system.

    405348 Hapag Lloyd https://jtcmodeltrains.com/products...-steel-containers?_pos=9&_sid=5928d7a3d&_ss=r
    HAPAG LlOYD (large Lt Blue LOGO) - 40' Standard height (8'6") corrugated side with Magnetic system.

    405349 Hapag Lloyd https://jtcmodeltrains.com/products...-steel-containers?_pos=8&_sid=5928d7a3d&_ss=r
    HAPAG LlOYD (Faded scheme A, small logo)- 40' Standard height (8'6") corrugated side with Magnetic system.

    405350 CMA CGM (10 Millionth TEU scheme) Single unit package, https://jtcmodeltrains.com/products...tainer-jtc-405350?_pos=1&_sid=5461a4485&_ss=r
    CMA CGM 'Port of LA 10 Millionth TEU' - 40' Std. Replica container, with Magnetic system.

    53' 8-55-8 High Cube containers;

    537047 XPO Set #2 Requested 2nd set of numbers; https://jtcmodeltrains.com/products...ainers-jtc-537047?_pos=1&_sid=1f19594d1&_ss=r
    XPO Logistics Set #2, 53' HIGH CUBE 8-55-8 corrugated containers with Magnetic system.

    537042 White Arrow https://jtcmodeltrains.com/products...ainers-jtc-537042?_pos=1&_sid=1c0344ae5&_ss=r
    White Arrow (WARU) 53' HIGH CUBE 8-55-8 corrugated containers with Magnetic system.

    There is a "Happy Holidays" container scheme in the works and will share a preview next month, along with some New Tooling information.

    Happy ModeliNg!,

    JTC - Steve & Stan
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