Kapsch CarrierCom France opens headquarters

Mr. RSS Jul 2, 2011

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    FRANCE: A 'globally important' development centre for GSM-R forms part of Kapsch CarrierCom France's €7m headquarters in Montigny, officially opened by Kapsch CarrierCom Chief Executive Kari Kapsch and Vice-President, GSM-R, Michel Clement on June 21. France is one of the most important markets for Kapsch CarrierCom, which has 165 employees in the country and plans to take on 10 more. It is to supply equipment for around half of the national GSM-R network under a €180m contract with the Synerail consortium of Vinci, SFR, TDF and Axa which signed a €1bn PPP agreement with RFF in February 2010.


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