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Keith Dec 14, 2017

  1. strummer

    strummer TrainBoard Member

    I received this yesterday:


    It came sans tender. I took this photo to compare full size O"scale" to O27 (1666). It's a Lionel #6-38036 Long Island Consol. Have not really looked into modern 3 rail, but I thought this would make a nice display piece. The detail is unbelievable, and it weighs a ton!

    Never to leave well enough alone, I hooked it up to an MRC AC transformer, and it runs really well; with its can motor, it is much quieter than any post-war stuff I've had.

    Have ordered some FasTrack so I can run it; until I can find a "proper" tender, my old 2466T will work, and doesn't look half bad behind this.

    Am starting to understand the whole "3 Rail Scale" thing now... :)

    Mark in Oregon
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