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virtual-bird Jun 12, 2000

  1. virtual-bird

    virtual-bird TrainBoard Member

    What height do most people have their layouts at?

    I have the legs on mine currently at 900mm which is near 3ft... then the board will go on that for the lower level...

    S0und right? Thoughts?

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  2. Justin May

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    I placed my layout height at 43" as the closer you get the trains to the eye, the more realism that is had. I learned this from my HO days and firmly believe that one needs a height of over 40" to get the maximum out of storage, and overall feel of watching trais as if you were in the tower beside the track, rather than standing on a scale 2 mile high hill. Hope this helps and this is just an observation that I have used and it works for me, so take it into considration if you are planning a new layout and want to consider all of your options scale or not. Have a good one, Justin

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  3. Robin Matthysen

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    Justin is right VB, the closer to eye level the better. Now you 36 inches may not be too bad if you have a chair on wheels that you can scoot around in. That brings eye level down quite a bit. I use a chair for the lower level of my pike and it is 42 inches high. I stand for the upper level which is 62 inches high. I have to use a stool to do any work on the upper level but for normal operating it is perfect because you look straight at or up to the action which makes everything feel more realistic.
    Hope all this helps.

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  4. Grantha

    Grantha TrainBoard Member

    Well. layout height is a very personal thing but opinions being like belly buttons (everyone has one) here's mine.

    Generally, I would suggest a layout height that is as close to eye level as reasonably possible. A minimum of 48 inches seems about right. You may find somewhere around 54 inches to be even better. N Scale models simply look better at eye level. Anything below that gives you God's view of things.

    I would suggest you give some thought to raising your layout considerably.

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  5. espee2

    espee2 TrainBoard Member

    I agree with Grantha, but I have a youngster who was only 4- when I started building... now he's 8, but still wobbly on a stool, so I can just see him falling off the stool and grabbig a handfull of $2-3 hundred worth of train and scenery on the way down. I would love a "nose level" layout (eye level I think would be just a bit too much) with narrow (1'to 18") benchwork..


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  6. Alan

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  7. Maxwell Plant

    Maxwell Plant TrainBoard Member

    The 40-something height is what we use in N-Trak and it works pretty well. I like to sit in a chair and get right down to the action at eye level, but you can't really work on things easily if you build it much higher than 56 inches. This might end up being the height I use on my home layout...whenever I get around to building it. [​IMG]

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  8. Catt

    Catt Permanently dispatched

    My ho layout is at 44". It used to be at 48" I think I should have left there. My n scale layout is at 40" cause it is made up from old NTRAK modules. I'm thinking of dumping the ho and making one LARGE n scale layout. If I do it will definately be at least 48".


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