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OC Engineer JD Jan 16, 2009

  1. John Moore

    John Moore TrainBoard Supporter

    His work in the larger scales is right up there with the best but his foray into N scale is best left be.
  2. Westfalen

    Westfalen TrainBoard Member

  3. Pete Steinmetz

    Pete Steinmetz TrainBoard Member

    That's what is sad.
  4. Keith

    Keith TrainBoard Supporter

    In this case, MMR means: Mediocre Model Railroader??
    I'd love to get at least 6 bodies, and I've got a friend in for at least that many as well.
    But, NOT for the ebay price and severe lack of quality.
    Just my thoughts. Take 'em for what they're worth, which ain't much!
  5. LOU D

    LOU D TrainBoard Member

    74 bucks is for two shells and trucks..I don't think that's too out of line..
  6. timhar47

    timhar47 TrainBoard Member

    Well - FEE-BAY is at it again - their 'new' email that just arove now has new info that the top rated sellers will now lose their discounts if they fail to provide a 'returns accepted 14 day money back policy' and they also must meet their 1 day ship turn-around time.

    Am I alone in feeling that this is unfair? I mean if I as a seller state that I generally do not accept returns, (after all I am not a business, just a seller of my own stuff) BUT if you the buyer has a genuine problem i would work with you to a kind resolution, that should be sufficient.

    I guess that I feel that ebay is continuing to punish the many honest sellers out there with higher fees, and standards of 'guarenteed satisfaction to the buyer' that are way above and beyond the standards of most stores as well as the USPS (USPS Insurance doesnt cover the shipping - only the item).
    To me a 14 day money back - means that a buyer can change his/her mind because the wind blew the wrong way, and ebay will beat down the sellers door to get it returned. As I said before - my days of selling on ebay are done.
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  7. Logtrain

    Logtrain TrainBoard Member

    More than likely some dipsh*t bought an item and during shipping something like a wheel fell out of the truck or something simple like that and the seller refused to take the item back. This happened to me with a buyer one time. I ended up taking the item back, as long as he paid for shipping back to me. I refunded his $$$ upon recieving the item in my possesion. When I opened the package I could not believe that someone squacked about something so minor.

    Once again this proves, that the squeaky wheel ALWAYS gets the grease! :thumbs_down:
  8. NIevo

    NIevo TrainBoard Member

    Yep, really sucks. They already reduced it last year from the tiered system to the set 20% for certain criteria and now this. Seems like they are trying to drive 90% of the small sellers out and cater to large stores.

  9. nscalerone

    nscalerone TrainBoard Member

    Yep...........drove me out as well. I just got tired of getting "nickle & dimed" to death. I recently put up three used locos to sell & the combined "PP" & Ebay fees amounted to just shy of $30 on about $160. I think when I first started selling my extra stuff, fees, etc. figured up to about 15-16% total, but I'd bet it's pushing 25% or more now. I agree, I think they are pushing the hobbyists out & catering to the retailers.........(and unfortunately, the crooks & the cranks). Sloppy, or non-existent "customer service" from the "stores" is getting to be the norm, and Evil-Bay doesn't seem to want to get involved. Let the little guys like us foul up a bit though, and they crawl right up 'yer pipe!! I've had it with the whiners and the loonies......................
  10. RGW1

    RGW1 TrainBoard Member

    I sold some of my n scale cars on ebay and was surprized at the charges at the end of the month.However the thing that has made me very irratated was a buyer that did not pay for one car(less than $3) and on the seventh day I opened a ebay case to get paid or refunded my fees,that night I received the payment and a negative feedback that said (paid on time have not recieved item beware) this is a lie and the ebay records show the payment date.I asked ebay to remove feed back,they said call back after the buyer get his item.I did a week later and was on the phone for long time and had to go threw 3 people and while on hold again I was disconnected, I gave up. Then I found out sellers can only leave positive feedback for buyers.The only thing I could do is leave a reply to the negative feed back but does not change my seller score.How can they permit 100% false feed back.I did leave a meesage for the buyer but did not receive a reply.
  11. umtrr-author

    umtrr-author TrainBoard Member

    I saw the eBay "turn on a dime, shippers, or else" note this morning. How's about if buyers have to pay immediately after winning the auction?

    I did note with greater interest yet another attempt to remove duplicate listings. If it's as "successful" as previous attempts have been, there will still be thousands of dups to wade through. I'd rather see an "ignore list"-- just give me five to ten seller handles that I don't want to see, and I could reduce my trawling time by half or more.
  12. timhar47

    timhar47 TrainBoard Member

    I agree - and STOP showing me all those expensive listings that are not in the US. I know they did finally put a box to check 'US Only' but to me it should be a default.
    I think a lot of the other problems were caused by the wacks that will list an item for .99, that weighs in at about 11 ounces (about $3 USPS) and then list the shipping at $14.
  13. BoxcabE50

    BoxcabE50 HOn30 & N Scales Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    I'm so glad I quit selling there, back in late 2008 when they went to the idiotic one way Feedback concept. My own web site, much cheaper and I am in complete control! YES!
  14. umtrr-author

    umtrr-author TrainBoard Member

    How much visibility do you get, and how many sales? That's the key question. If you're happy with what you've created, that's great. (A variation on "Rule #1" I would think.)

    Other sites have tried and failed-- sometimes miserably-- against the "category killer" that is eBay. Despite its flaws and its occassional LOL-inducing listings, it remains a reasonably effective way to sell off surplus items. As they continue to shoot holes in their feet from our perspective, it may be less so over time. They've publicly stated that they want to focus on the big high volume sellers, and their tactics seem to reflect that. Thus you have in a real time look for example over 51,000 items in "N Scale" of which only 9300 come up in "Auctions Only." (Which is all I look at.)

    There's no question that were something better to come along, I'd be there in a heartbeat. I doubt that I'm alone.
  15. Babbo_Enzo

    Babbo_Enzo TrainBoard Member

    Just as my curiosity: Why a seller declare he never ship anything outside US?
    I've catch an item I wish, and, reading he don't ship outside US I've drop a message, kindly asking if an exception was possible ( incidentally, in the past I've experienced the seller can say "Yes, well, bet on it") . I've described me well, including some links to my sites, declaring my passion for Espee, ... underlining I can pay with the requested tools....
    The answer back was very kind, but "Sorry, I never ship anything outside US. Thanks for your though."
    I'm thinking: I pay for shipping cost, the shipping risk is mine (and anyway I've ask for insurance, given the value) , you receive my payment in advance, so... "Why?"
  16. BoxcabE50

    BoxcabE50 HOn30 & N Scales Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Well, I am quite happy. It has by far exceeded my hopes and grows monthly at a nice even rate. I am not doing anything related to auction type activities. I use my site bandwidth for all my hobby activities, not just selling. Cost is a mere fraction of what I once paid to FeeBay.
  17. EMD F7A

    EMD F7A TrainBoard Member

    Simple; Risk. As a seller, I can tell you that I could ship ANYthing to you, but unless I can prove it was placed in your hands and signed for, I could lose the item AND the sale value through a paypal "did not receive" case. Furthermore, if you decide it does not match description, Paypal can arbitrarily order you to destroy it, then take the money back form me and refund you. Often, those clowns at Paypal will do it wrong and there are horror stories (google it; very easy to find) about such loss. With domestic shipping, it's easy to track, confirm, and open a postal investigation against potential fraudulent buyers. Overseas shipping offers no such protections, and essentially no reasonable shipping method that provides proof of receipt. Then, you've got to contend with the horrible shipping treatment of air or ship freight, as well as the nearly-nonexistant accountability should said carrier "lose" your package. So, as a seller, I simply won't risk it.
  18. OC Engineer JD

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  19. BoxcabE50

    BoxcabE50 HOn30 & N Scales Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

  20. Ike the BN Freak

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