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Geep_fan Apr 17, 2014

  1. Geep_fan

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    While my primary focus is in HO scale, I have acquired a few pieces of G gauge throughout the years, some even as freebies from sources looking to unload some cheap bachmann stuff. I finally got around to laying a loop of track a few weeks back. Originally, this loop was going to be out in the middle of the yard, but after an incident involving a lawnmower (the lawnmower lost the battle against the brass rail by the way), it was moved up in front of the house here, a location where the lawnmower never ventures :teeth:. This is a very basic loop of LGB brass track and is DC powered, or at least, will be, I haven't gotten quite that far yet.

    Overview of the layout from the North end. The DRGW reefer was used to test trackage when I "leveled it", however as I found after my attempts at getting steam to run failed, the ground in this area actually does slope at a diagonal angle from the far back to just next to the rock at the end there. Thus I had to go back and re-level the trackage when I install track feeders. When I used a pair of jumpers to temporarily power the track, the goose actually did run halfway decent, same cannot be said for a certain ten-wheeler.

    A slightly different angle, I noticed after I shot the photo that the ground and trackage does slope dramatically in one direction. Nice thing is I have about 2 Tons more of the ballast that I used, so going back and leveling everything shouldn't be too hard. I also intend on soldering some rail joiners with a torch (don't worry, I didn't forget about heat expansion and contraction) and adding some feeder wires for DC track power in the next week or so.

    Night shot of the layout. My mother collects solar lights, so when I started layout construction I went out and spent some money on a bunch of solar lights (the ones with the blooms under them in this photo). The area looks very nice at night and also makes testing and operating at night a little easier!
  2. Geep_fan

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    I got the basic trackwork in just in time for some snowfall in Colorado, So I couldn't resist going out and setting a coach on the trackage to get some snow shots.

    Some of the equipment for the layout on Display above the HO scale Shed Division layout. The little Piko/LGB 0-6-0T is a very nice runner, not picky about the track or electrical pickup, it just goes, this unit will probably be on line with the goose when it comes time to show off for neighborhood events and parties. I can leave it and a few cars unattended while other things occur. I plan on repainting the Santa Fe hopper to be a flat black and adding some DRGW Decals at some point in time.

    The only real amount of money I have spent on this project thus far has been on this Bachmann Goose. I plan on putting a DRGW bug herald (much to the annoyance of my fellow volunteers at the museum) on it and like the PIKO 0-6-0, its going to be a start it and let it run model. I have replaced the stock pilot with the cow catcher with the snowplow provided by bachmann, so this will also be my MOW and snow clearing unit. it tracks VERY well, and even managed to run a fair ways on my less than clean or level track before it derailed.

    In addition to the photos above, in the paint shop I have two more pieces of equipment, the first is a bachmann 4-6-0 Ten Wheeler that was formerly a Santa Fe model. It received a green boiler jacket, and a black tender, I've been waiting on the weather to co-operate so I can finish painting it to get it back into service. This engine failed to run very well because of the unlevel trackage, and future testing will be done using it as a test unit.

    I also have a scientific Limited 2-6-0 that received a flat black boiler jacket. I have modified this one heavily, removing the chincy sound unit and smoke stack. The tender will also loose its 4 wheel configuration and gain a small pair of tender trucks at some point in the future. This unit is entirely battery powered, and works great for quick runs. It was used to test the trackage as I laid it, however because it is designed to run with a kiddie set, it will stay on the track virtually no matter what.

    Thats the bulk of the progress thus far, I plan on returning with some videos and more photos after some more work gets done this weekend.
  3. BoxcabE50

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    Neat! And not just after dark, but even some real snow. Next project, building a rotary plow?
  4. Geep_fan

    Geep_fan TrainBoard Member

    I did give that a thought a while ago, maybe some day.
  5. Keith

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  6. phantom

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    My condolences on your lose of the lawnmower. Nice loop. Looks good in its new location.
  7. N-builder

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    That's very nice starter layout. I have the same 0-6-0 Piko Rio-Grande loco. I have a ton of track that I acquired over the years also I model more in N scale but like the G scale also. I just don't put my layout outside yet cause we have a crazy kid next door that tends to steal and I don't wanna have things disappear on me since track is not cheap nor is the structures. The next home we get I will have to make sure that it has a nice backyard so I can set up my layout there. BTW you could make your own plow. And you can pick up a B-mann Lyn 2-4-2 for about $150 including shipping if you need another loco also a very nice runner and puller.

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