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oldscout Jan 21, 2013

  1. oldscout

    oldscout TrainBoard Member

    I am using DC and wiring the negative wire as a buss. On a loop of track is it OK to run the common wire in a loop connected at both ends to a terminal? The loop would be 12 feet feet on one side and eight along the wall with all of the common rail drops connected to it. All of the common rails are connected together with drops about 3" apart. The 12 foot side has several passing sideings and the loop is part of a large dog bone that comes back to a double track down the 12' side. On the hidden yard I used the common wire the firthest away from the control panel and connected the negatives to it. Same 3' apart for drops. For every positive drop there is a negative drop. Thank you
  2. mfm_37

    mfm_37 TrainBoard Member

    You are describing common rail wiring. Yes the common rail can be a loop. The preferred term is common rail because it's only negative until the direction switch is changed. Then it becomes positive. Youir drops are good and it's a good idea to have them for each rail aas you described.

    Martin Myers

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