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DocG Mar 12, 2008

  1. DocG

    DocG TrainBoard Member

    Hello All

    We are please to announce the completion of our new web site and the offical public notice of our new company, North American Scale Models Inc.

    Please "click" here for a link to the site

    On our new site we have listed the first of our new products including an all new way to enjoy your trains--SoundCar(tm). Now you can enjoy not only the sound produced by your favorite sound equipped locomotive, but also the full experience of a train in motion with all the distinctive sounds of roaring bad bearings, squeaky wheels, dragging brakes and the always present “click-clack” sounds cars make while rolling down the tracks. This new dimension in sound will enhance your railroading experience by bringing your once silent cars to life with a symphony of rich moving sounds.

    Roadnames and pricing will be announced closer to release date.
    Release date; Early Fall 2008

    Thank you for taking a look at our new site, and please do not hesitate to submit your email address to us for current production news and future releases.
  2. Mike Sheridan

    Mike Sheridan TrainBoard Member

    Sounds a good idea (sorry about the pun).

    Will you be offering a 'kit' (eg. sound system and trucks) for people to fit to their own favourite cars? You're never going to cover all the bases with r-t-r stuff :)
  3. DocG

    DocG TrainBoard Member

    The first edition is a generic 50' boxcar that can be easily bashed with whatever box you want. RTR-wise, we will be picking some major rail-lines. In fact, opinions on what roads we should do would be greatly appreciated. Please, send them to our website.
  4. RRfan

    RRfan TrainBoard Member

    Railbox,BNSF,CSX,CN,CP rail

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