Newbie to "G" Scale

Alan Richards Jul 3, 2000

  1. Alan Richards

    Alan Richards TrainBoard Member

    Just got my first "G" Scale LBG and now would like some of the most important "do nots" that a beginner should know.

    Started by treating it like a "real" railroad in establishing a good level bed, with nice but not sharpe curves, then going to lay gravel down, leveling it with a long 2x4 to be sure it is as level as one can get it. Next the track will go down on that, wiggle it in a bit, use large gutter nails to hold it firmly in place.

    Of course the gravel will be kept in place with that rubber garden border such as I saw in the last Garden Railway Mag.

    But I would like to know the should "NOT DO" list that all beginners should know before they lay that final track.
  2. FriscoCharlie

    FriscoCharlie Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    I am interested in G too Alan so I will be waiting with you. [​IMG] Sorry I can't offer advice but G is an exciting scale with a lot of possibilities.


    Ship It On The FRISCO!
  3. gwschreyer

    gwschreyer New Member

    You SHOULD lay your track in loose ballast, underlaying wood is NOT necessary, nor even desirable.

    All newbies should read the tech tips at Large Scale Technical Tips

    - gws

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