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DJ of DJsTrains Jun 10, 2021

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    As a kid our family lived in Bethel Park and we would travel from Pittsburg to Baltimore and return to visit with the Grand Parents and cousins. With Dad being a officer of the B&O - the B&O was used for these trips. Getting the train at the P&LE Station in the evening and using Pullman to sleep the night away at the train surmounted the Sand Patch grade and getting to Baltimore in the morning. The return trip would a daylight departure from Baltimore and arriving Pittsburgh in the 9 - 10 PM area.

    Both legs of the trip presented the greatest light show that has ever existed before the development of LED's and Lasers. The Steel Mills along the river that in the mid 1950's were going all out for production.

    If and when you get around to building a layout that represents what made Pittsburgh famous - you have to recreate the night time light shows that B&O passengers got to see every trip between Pittsburgh and McKeesport.

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