OCKLAWAHA VALLEY RAILROAD, Video and links (Railbus)

Ocklawaha Feb 2, 2017

  1. Ocklawaha

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    This will hopefully direct you to a video of the OCKLAWAHA VALLEY'S Reo Railbus. It is mislabeled as being on a 1/4 sq mile island in 'The Everglades.' It also appears to have been repainted in SILVER SPRINGS, OCALA AND GULF lettering with the OV's slogan, 'THE SILVER SPRINGS ROUTE. Make no mistake, however, whoever and for whatever purpose (such as a promotional film perhaps) things got so mixed up there is no doubt where this interesting operation ran...
    Palatka (connection with: GS&F, ACL and FEC) to Rodman, Orange Springs, Ft.McCoy, Burbank, Silver Springs, Ocala (connection with: SAL, ACL {including the former Silver Springs, Ocala and Gulf}, Ocala Southwestern)

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