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JaxTerminal Oct 4, 2020

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    Good Day N Scalers,

    Our October release consists of a variety of container sizes and eras and will appeal to a larger time frame of modeling. Some of these are completely new body styles. Listed below are our October releases with direct links to each new product shipped last week, to direct dealers and distributors. Enjoy!


    NEW BODY STYLE - 40' Standard height (8'6") corrugated Panel side containers. Sides are the corrugated 'wave' pattern with a 2-P-36-P-2 arrangement. A welcome addition to the JTC collection, the prototype for this model has many, many schemes. This is the 5th body style of the 40' Standard height container Releases. Available with multiple door and front variants. These Steel containers active service era spans from the early 1980's to the 2010s.

    40' Std. Height Panel Side

    405501 Sealand

    405509 Sea Containers

    405510 TransAmerica (Patch)

    405511 Tiphook

    405512 SCS (Scandinavian Cargo Sea)

    405521 MOL

    20' Std. Containers

    205329 P&O with Flag

    205330 CAI

    40' High Cube Containers

    405038 Dong Fang / Interasia

    405054 WAN HAI (Mixed package of different schemes with faded blue)

    405016 Cronos

    40' Std Height Containers – corrugated side

    405302 APL (Brown)

    405303 Xines


    405310 Matson

    405312 Cosco (Equipped with Garment Hanging system label)

    405317 Triton

    405325 Hapag lloyd


    1. Gateway2020 set has been completed and we are waiting on the jewel box to be completed so product can be packaged and shipped. There is a limited supply still available. We apologize for the time frame this project has taken but we do anticipate them to be here very soon. Any customer who ordered directly from JTC or NTrak store will be notified via email when they arrive.
    2. 17-post well car - is in the painting stage.
    3. 9-post well car We have received additional walkways and have sent them out to customers in the order in which we received the request. We have also received an order of new blisters and lids for the 9-post car. ATTENTION: JTC will provide any JTC direct customer, who purchased from JTC website with a new blister upon request. JTC will be sending our National Distributors and direct dealers a stack of replacement New blister inserts as well. Please contact the distributor or dealer you purchased the 9-post car from to request replacements if you want them. These have been shipped out. If you have any trouble obtaining these items, Contact JTC for replacement parts or insert blisters (holds the car in the box).
    4. JTC's 2020 Holiday container is a 53' container with a coordinating scene of the 2019 20' Holiday container. Our email list will be the first to know from JTC.

    Thank you for your interest in our products.
    The JTC Team

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