Old Caboose in Neighborhood

TexasJim Feb 1, 2021

  1. TexasJim

    TexasJim TrainBoard Member

    So one of our neighbors was a farm that recently sold to a developer. Previous owner had a love of trains and had several cabooses located on the property. One was a pool house, one stored food for the animals and not sure what the last one was for. Two have already been removed from the property, and the last one has been relocated to a corner of the property. It looks to be in decent shape and al, the glass is still in it.. I am wondering if the developer is planning to use it as an office during rather development. C61601B6-371D-4A1F-95EB-22EFCB84A60F.jpeg
  2. Kurt Moose

    Kurt Moose TrainBoard Member

    Hopefully someone wants it. Alot of developers will use an old house, building, or in this case, a caboose for the office while building and construction is going on. Once done, they remove or tear down whatever building they were using.

    Hopefully someones gonna take this.
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  3. HemiAdda2d

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    Nice catch!
    The problem with railroad equipment like this is they are so large, heavy and require expensive truck transportation, crane service to load/unload, and a really sturdy base to put display track onto. This is big dollars for most of us, unless you have friends with this kind of equipment. A lot of this kind of rolling stock, once marooned from the mainline, is doomed to scrap or rot as it's too expensive to move.
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  4. Hytec

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  5. Hytec

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    There was a house down the road that had an abandoned G&SI (Gulf & Ship Island) wooden arch bar caboose in the front yard for years. I believe the folks passed away, or went into a Long Term Care facility. (more politically correct than "Nursing Home".) 'tanyrate, it was demolished over a weekend. I hope it was termite infested. No other reason to destroy a lovely museum piece. Our MCMRM would have given our eye-teeth to have acquired it.

    Folks, we lose so many historical relics because the owners/heirs don't know where to turn. or don't appreciate what they have. The MCMRM has a great marketing publicist. But she posts only on our Face Book page. So many of these relic owners aren't aware of what's in the area. What can we do to expose ourselves to the general public? Russell, your group appears to be successful, any suggestions?
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