Operations Oriented?

Chris McDaniel Apr 7, 2000

  1. Chris McDaniel

    Chris McDaniel TrainBoard Member

    Just curious if anyone has an operations oriented N layout (home or club)? By operations I mean fast clock, car forwarding system, schedule, etc. (in any combination). How do you track your cars if you use any kind of forwarding system (car number, car type and road name, sticker numbers on the car roof)?

    I've been a member of two N scale clubs and used to hang around one other N club and one HO club. I only ever saw the HO guys use car forwarding, etc., during their meetings/sessions. I just wonder since N scale allows more to be modeled at home if most N scalers do their operating sessions at home and socialize and run 150+ car trains at the club (which is always fun [​IMG] )

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  2. Alan

    Alan Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Hi Chris, when my layout is more or less complete I will be looking into some sort of organised operating, but not too strict. Just to give a sense of purpose for running a train from A to B.

    But I certainly will not be running 150+ car trains!! 50 cars is about the max. that will fit my staging yards, for the main line trains, but what I really enjoy is running locals, and switching industries. A fair bit more work is needed before I get to that stage, though.


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