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ed pinkley Sep 1, 2000

  1. ed pinkley

    ed pinkley Guest

    I am currently painting a kato gp38-2 in the pacific pride scheme(thank you gats for pics).My only problem is that when i peel the tape from the walkway and handrail section(i have already painted it white and am applying the green for the handrails)the white paint peels right off.I have stripped the shell and hanrail assembly of any factory gloss but it still peels. Any help is appriciated.

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  2. Justin May

    Justin May TrainBoard Member

    Try roughing up the handrails with a high grit wet/dry sand paper or NWSL sander tool again with high grit paper and see if this works- the only other technique I have heard success with is Grit blasting for the Delrin handrails- take your pic I'll stick with the elbow grease and high grit paper [​IMG]

    Have a good one, Justin
  3. Gats

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    As Justin says, roughing up the railings will help. The best, though most costly, option is a 'grit blaster' to roughen it up. I hear these work exceptionally well, but they aren't the cheapest thing route to take (I'd love one of these).
    Another option you might consider is checking in on the local panel shop (geez, I'm sounding more American every day! [​IMG]) and asking about some flex additive to add to the paint. Helps keep it on the rails by allowing a degree of flex. It's normally used on bumpers these days.
    Keeping the tape away from your railings is the best bet. hand paint the white on green, rather than masking the white for the green.


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  4. Maxwell Plant

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    Try soaking the assembly in vinager a little longer this time. If it's durilin, it shouldn't warp if you leave it over night. But seeing it's the older Kato combo alkway-frame-handrails, I'm not sure what it's made of. RoyalBlue and I soaked the handrails for my GP30 for almost two months with no warpage and with good paint sticktooitness! [​IMG]

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  5. JLS

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    When I paint my locos, I always soak the shell in vinegar (after having washed it with regular soap to eliminate any oil), in order to dissolve mold release product and it works well.

    However, I had no success with the Kato handrails and walkboard which does not seem to take any paint, due to the plastic used for them (Delrin ?). Despite trials with many brands of paints, it looks like this plastic is not ready to take paint (at least for a long period of time, as the paint seems to stick to it at first, but peels very quickly).

    If anyone has a good solution, I would be interested.

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  6. Craig Martyn

    Craig Martyn TrainBoard Member

    Also remember that a good primer makes a difference!

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