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    I have found a great article on making paper car sides In the FEB 2002 issue of MODEL RAILROADING for those who dont have access to the mag it can be read on line at the TRAINLIFE web site I think this would be even better than a pass exchange because we could build the model and run it on our railroads they could be sent by email and printed on your own computer and then assembled For those who follow a prototype this method could be used to make a private car for one of your industries a box car could be made by gluing a box car door over the sides and plugging the hatches If you follow this article please post your work here I am hoping to see some very unique equipment here THANKS PAUL
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    That's a neat article (and I also didn't know that Model Railroading had stopped publishing, nor that it was available free on that site). I'm actually working on some card/paper model train projects. First up is an N-scale model of a center cupola caboose based on an ex-N&W unit now painted for the W&OD on static display near the old Herndon Depot. Here's a pic of the test-fit build (not the final, since my inkjet ran out of cyan ink that morning):


    It's sitting on a piece of cardstock with some trucks stuffed under it. The final version includes printable trucks, but I intend to use some real trucks in the final model. Both are part of this kit I'm designing:


    Both are made from actual photographs of the caboose and depot. If anyone is interested in building these, send me a PM and I'll send you the PDF.

    And the next projects came from the TB Build a Boxcab Challenge. My original plan was to use photos printed on sticker paper and stick them to a plastic body, then add a few external details. This changed when someone mentioned an HO scale boxcab project that used caboose shells for the body. So, I built that as my main entry, but I still have the shell and bits from starting the other version so why not finish it. Also, I traded building someone else's boxcab for some powered chassis, so I'll be building a futuristic boxcab out of cardstock and paper over a pair of Con-Cor E8 chassis. I'll come back and post pics when I've made more progress.
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