EL Phoebe Snow, Buffalo - 1912

rhensley_anderson Mar 3, 2019

  1. rhensley_anderson

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    This card is postmarked 1912 and is one of a series of cards put out by the DL&W using the mythical personna of Miss Snow. The tie-in was that clean-burning anthracite coal (used by the Lackawanna) made traveling on the Road of Anthracite a soot-free experience. Miss Snow's white dresses always were 'clean and fresh upon station-sight while riding Road of Anthracite'.

  2. fitz

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    The DL&W did a great job professing the attributes of anthracite, didn't they? Phoebe Snow was quite an idea to use in their ads.
  3. Hytec

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    I have no idea why, but I remember connecting Phoebe Snow with Blue Coal which is what we used when I was a kid.
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    Your memory is accurate Hytec -- the Blue Coal brand was owned by the Glen Alden Coal Co. a subsidiary of the DL&W created when the DL&W was forced to divest their coal holdings as a result of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act. You probably remember that some of the coal was actually spattered with blue dye as it was loaded.

    Similarly, the D&H created the Hudson Coal Co.

    Neat history. It's amazing to think that at one time, the DL&W, D&H, Erie, O&W, WB&E/NYS&W, LV, CNJ, RDG and PRR could barely handle the torrent of coal flowing from eastern PA.
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