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Pete Nolan Mar 11, 2010

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  1. Pete Nolan

    Pete Nolan TrainBoard Supporter

    Trainboard allows threads and posts about eBay. When a thread about eBay goes into individual good or bad experiences, or good or bad vendors, or good or bad auctions, or otherwise degenerates into a general "my good vs your bad" discussion, we will lock or delete the thread.

    The principle is that we cannot be the judge of eBay offerings, auctions or results. On eBay subjects, we do serve as a news source, but not a commentator source: there are many other Internet options and venues to comment on eBay.

    Our long and occasionally painful experience is that these type of threads do not contribute substantial value to Trainboard once the initial item has been posted. We will allow comments until the "my good vs your bad" discussion becomes, as it usually does, vitriolic, unsubstantiated, or any other adjective you might choose to describe these unproductive discussions.

    We reserve the right to edit, moderate, or delete posts addressing any and all eBay subjects. We could go to legalese here, and take up a few more paragraphs of your reading time. Trainboard thinks it's pretty clear: if you want to bash eBay, do it elsewhere. Factual items are welcome. Ridicule is not.
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