POLICY: Selling, Trading and Want Ads

BoxcabE50 Apr 2, 2015

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    In order for us to keep an eye open for any possible problems arising, and minimize clutter resulting from outdated or completed transaction topics:

    Please place ALL ads concerning any items For Sale, any Trades sought and any items Wanted in our TrainBoard Swap Meet Forum area:


    Rules for use of that Forum are posted at the top of Page 1, in that Forum.

    ALL ads found outside of that area, will be moved to the TrainBoard Swap Meet.

    After ninety days of inactivity, ads will be removed from view. When that much time has elapsed, it is better make a fresh start, with a new listing.

    Any topic outside of the TrainBoard Swap Meet, which announces new products is fine. However, it actually belongs in, (unpriced, so as not to be seen as a sales ad), Model Railroad Product News. If priced will be considered to be a sales topic, and moved to the TrainBoard Swap Meet.

    You may post a "see my ad or announcement in the" style of message in your appropriate forum. Please do not flood the forums with such posts, one is enough. Repetitive notices will be removed.

    Our moving any of the above will be a decision made on a case by case basis.
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