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BC Rail King Jul 17, 2000

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    I have an orignal FA2 put out be P2K, and it runs like a pile of S***. I use irt about once a month, so it does get used, and when it is it runs with 25 cars for 6 hours with soem points at a 2.5% grade. So I am not over workin 'em.

    What can I do to make them run better, or is all early proto 2000 only good on the outside? [​IMG]

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  2. tunnel88

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    You got me, what's that thing about 7 years old or so?

    Maybe you can retro fit the new FA1 drive... [​IMG]
  3. AKrrnut

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    I think that Allentown Locomotive Works offers a replacement motor for the P2K FA-2. I haven't replaced one of those motors yet, but I have put one in an Athearn GP50. Improved performance immensely! (Of course, that was after I managed to fry the motor...)

    I don't think the problems you're having are indicative of quality problems with P2K, although the FA-2 was an early model. I haven't had any problems with my FA-2s.

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