PRR 40' FM flatcar kit now available

prbharris Jan 2, 2017

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    The Pennsylvania Railroad FM car introduced in 1902, is regarded by many as a ‘signature’ car of the PRR. The cars were initially used in regular service until the late 1950’s and many continued in use as MoW cars as late as 1976. The cars were the main PRR flat car until the F30A car was introduced in the mid-1930's [also available from N Scale Kits]. 864 of the cars were converted by PRR for its very early container service, [early on by the Keystone Container Service between 1928 to 1935], until the end of this intermodal service in 1950. The stake pockets of the standard FM cars were removed and container bunks installed. These 'container version' cars were used for a number of different types of containers [SD1 to DD4].

    Kit of both types of cars are now available in lead free pewter from N Scale Kits

    The cars have laser cut wooden decks and come with decals appropriate for both types of car.


    Peter Harris
    N Scale Kits

    PRR FM 13 [small].JPG
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