Railway Collecting Dog "Laddie" from the National Railway Museum in York

JR59 Aug 3, 2009

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    Between the end of the 19th century and middle of the 20th century Railway Collection Dogs were a familiar sight at large stations throughout the country. They collected money for railway charities, particulary the Railway Orphanages. They were usually looked after by members of the station staff and were permitted to patrol the station plattforms performing little tricks in order to entice the travelling public to contribute their loose change.
    Airedale Terrier "Laddie" was born in September 1948 and startet work on Wimbledon Station in 1949, collection money on behalf of the Southern Railwaymen's Homes at Woking. He retired in 1956 having collected over £ 5000 and spend the rest of his days with the residents at the Home.
    On his death in 1960 he was stuffed and returned to Wimbledon Station. He continued to collect for the Homes until 1990 when he retired once more and became part of the National Railway Collection.


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