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    As I recall from when I worked as the Train Order Operator at UN Tower about 55 years ago. West Pittsburgh was the point on the P&LE where B&O trains left the P&LE and headed to B&O tracks to pass through UN Tower which was at the East End of New Castle Yard. OA Tower was at the West End of New Castle Yard. The B&O P&W Subdivision (double track at the time) joined the double track connection from the P&LE at a location known as B&O Junction. The P&LE tracks continued on to Gateway Yard at Youngstown. which was East of the Center Street multiple railroad intersection at Youngstown.

    I understand that UN Tower has been saved and relocated. If there are 'Dymo' labeled track identifications on the track diagram model board - they may be the ones I affixed to the model board when I worked there.

    In looking at Google Earth - I see the East End of New Castle Yard end near where Union Valley Road crosses the right of way - I am guessing that is why the tower was named UN - for Union.

    The 'original' B&O #1 & #2 tracks now come together East of the Shenango River Bridge. Notice the abandoned bridges on the North side of the operational bridges. The abandoned bridges were for the P&LE for their tracks to Gateway. What is now considered the B&O #2 track through New Castle was a P&LE Main track - back in the day.

    A lot of water has passed down the rivers from the P&LE in its heyday to becoming the Three Rivers Railroad to becoming a part of the Pittsburgh Sub of CSX.
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