Re-Announcement: N Scale Carbon Black Covered Hoppers

ScaleTrains Aug 26, 2021

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    Over a year and a half ago, we announced a run of Rivet Counter N Scale Carbon Black Covered Hopper Cars. Unfortunately, we did not receive enough preorders for a production run at the time so we’re reannouncing them.

    The latest group of super-detailed N Scale Carbon Black Covered Hoppers feature colorful logos plus two (2) Sid Richardson billboard lettering cars that have faded paint and distressed lettering. We’re offering two (2) completely different carbodies: the boxy Thrall 5750 and the more traditional Thrall 4727. Each model features unique round roof hatches, butterfly outlet gates, and sampling spigots.

    Carbon black is a fine, black, powdery substance used as a filler in tires, belts, and other rubber products as well as pigment for inks, paints, and plastics. Even if you do not model the rubber or ink industries, Carbon Black Hoppers can often be found in mixed freights traveling in singles and small groups.

    Preorder our new Rivet Counter N Scale Carbon Black Covered Hopper Cars today from or Select Retailers for delivery this winter.

    Preorder here:
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