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Ippyroy May 22, 2021

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    I am wanting to build a layout for a hotel's Christmas decorations. My basic plan so far is 3 4x8 panels. The Christmas tree will be in the middle panel. I plan on making the middle panel a "whimsical" Christmas scene with a trolley weaving around. One panel will represent West Yellowstone and the Oregon Shortline that ran a long time ago. The most iconic part of the railroad was a trestle bridge and Union Pacific Dining hall which is still in use. The UP dining hall is way out of my league to build currently, but would be really cool to try and replicate it in the future. I want to build a simple track layout, a simple oval with a spur coming into it over the trestle bridge and going through snow taller than the engine. The third panel would represent Yellowstone. Maybe an oval with a figure 8 in the middle. I will make a small grand prismatic pool and would like to make a geyser come up each time the train goes by. These panels will all be in HO scale and use steam locomotives. The Oregon Shortline used a 2-6-0. I am trying to find a nice one that is preferably DCC ready. I haven't decided on the one for Yellowstone. There will also be an O scale Polar express elevated around the edge going through tunnels and over bridges where the panels meet up.
    The overall goal is to build something light weight that can be set up and taken down easily and stored. It will be up for only about 3 months a year or less. I would like to allow small children to operate the trains. Does this seem feasible, or am I trying to do too much? Does anyone have any pointers or suggestions and helpful pointers. TIA

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