Rimrock Model RR in Billings, MT

badlandnp Mar 18, 2021

  1. Chops

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    The unwritten backstory is the administration, planning, and cooperation. It doesn't just "happen." I wonder how everyone was on the same page and how the work got done. Not to mention $6000 a year is a LOT of money for housing a train set. This is one whopper of a layout, to boot.

    I was in a club for 25 years. It was never easy. The scenery, by way of example it flew from Sinoloa (of cartel infamy) to East Texas Hill Country, back to El Paso, the Sea of Cortez, and forming a backdrop of the Northern Rockies. Finally, it dawned on me that nothing was going to change, and I resigned my post just as Covid was taking hold. Don't miss it. No one asking me back, either, so guess the door swings both ways.
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  2. badlandnp

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    Clubs definitely ain't for everyone. I helped get the club in Livingston, MT going years ago. We had a small core group of guys that had a similar vision of what we thought we wanted to see. The Depot gave the club access to the old baggage room basement and all of the old teak wood pallets there from the shipping containers that the bricks came in! The only caveat is that the club has to be open to the public whenever the Depot has there annual 'train show and swap meet.

    In 2019 they were there yet and still going strong. A TB member is a part of the group, 'Montanan.'

    Members come and go, sometimes the group changes vision or dynamic. I guess as long as the layout remains viable and functional and is a good piece for the public to see, it has to be ok.
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    Don't hear much from Chet these days. Do you know how is doing? Hope all is well and please tell him I said 'hello'! :)

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