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paperkite Jan 3, 2015

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    As the only operating depot in Idaho nears its' rehab effort ( pics to follow someday soon ) the BNSF / Amtrak announces same day service to Portland and Seattle from Sandpoint ID. Yes one can or will soon be able to leave SDPT on the WB 7/27 at 11:4 PM and return from Seattle or Portland on the 8/28 EB at 0235 AM the next day .. honest that's what they said in the article .... sure , no frt delays , no weather delays, no mechanical delays .... BNSF promises great times on its frt main line and least we forget that frt has priority but me thinks since they spent a LOT of money up grading the main from South Dakota to Seattle and yet more to come with second main line from MT across the bridge ... One can only hope that they can get on the Empire Builder west bound 7/27 , go to Seattle , have a cup of Seattle's best and be home ( Sandpoint ) at 0230 in the morning the next day on the east bound EB 8/28 ... that will call for some extreme planning for some hectic shopping for sure , but , can it be done in one day? Is anyone up for it when the depot is ready ? Ha! my wife and I are going to find out soon I hope . too bad the route times are set for Glacier Park east and not Sandpoint . but one should be able to experience Maria's Pass in the daylight hours and that should make the east bound trip much nicer , and going thru the scab lands and Stampede Pass during the day may be nice as well . Near 700 mile rail fan trip should make a great outing !!! Once the Tongue River RR has figured out how to get all that MT coal to Ashland from Miles City to Seattle ... thru single track in Sandpoint with out building another main line remains yet to be seen , especially if the Empire Builder is to get same day service to Seattle from Spokane / Sandpoint on the AMTRAK. New schedule starts some time after Jan 1, 2015 . They added 3 hours east bound west of St. Paul and 90 minutes west bound so that may make up the waiting times to get across the bride at Sandpoint ... See the articles in the Bonner County Daily Bee Jan 2, 2015 and the Tongue River RR coal scheme on Jan 1 , 2015 edition. Looks to be a year of hopeful change and maybe a rail road ride or two !! For sure Rail link and BNSF is gonna have a hectic year !
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    Amtrak just announced last week, this schedule shift. Which is essentially back to pre-oil boom timing. They supposedly have things worked out with BNSF to maintain these times. Ha ha. We shall see. Most likely late as always, but is sounds good and looks good on paper.

    Looking forward to following the depot restoration and preservation. Now if only folks in Bonners Ferry, Naples, the GN depot in Sandpoint, etc, were saved and preserved....

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