Seeking Photos of Lightweight Head-End Cars

LegomanBill May 3, 2021

  1. LegomanBill

    LegomanBill TrainBoard Member

    Hello everyone,

    First off, for the mods, if this isn't the appropriate avenue, I apologize.

    I am currently in the process of working on a book on Lightweight Head-End Cars (Baggage, RPO, Steam Generators, etc.), title TBD (until I come up with something clever or interesting). I am working with Garbely Publishing to get this little book off the ground and into a physical form. As of right now, it is slated for a 2022 publication, exact date yet to be determined.

    What I am looking for is photos of cars in service during the 1940s-1970s (possibly later, depending on the subject). Original owners, second-hand owners, Unusual and rare subjects are welcomed. Preservation era images aren't essential but may be considered where other options are not available. Any and all railroads that owned lightweight head-end cars are desired, but some lines (SP&S, D&H/GM&O, Frisco, MP/T&P, IC, L&N, Rock Island are some examples) are of greater priority as they have yet to be represented visually. As there are a number of railroads (46 railroads), cars (some 2,400) and number classes (several hundred), listing all exact particulars here would be a bit much to digest.

    If you have images that may fit or would like particulars/specifics, please get in touch with me by sending a message through here and we can work from there. Any photos that can be used will be properly credited for in the final work.

    Thank you,
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  2. Hardcoaler

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    Sounds like an interesting project. I was born much too late to have seen these cars in their prime. My pictures below are probably not of much value to your book, but I'll post them here just for the fun of it.

    Elgin, IL - 04/1980
    1980-04 EXPRESS MILW Elgin IL - for upload.jpg

    Watertown, WI - 04/1987
    1987-04-16 EXPRESS MILW Watertown WI - for upload.jpg

    Roanoke, VA - 08/1983
    1983-08 001 BAGGAGE NW Roanoke VA - for upload.jpg

    New Freedom, WI - 04/1987
    1987-04-16 BAGGAGE CNW New Freedom WI - for upload.jpg

    Montgomery, AL - 05/1989
    1989-05-28 BAGGAGE HOD Montgomery AL - for upload.jpg

    Montgomery, AL - 10/1989
    1989-10-27 BAGGAGE ATK Montgomery AL - for upload.jpg
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  3. LegomanBill

    LegomanBill TrainBoard Member

    They actually are of some value for the book! I sent you a message regarding them.
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