SNCF's "Patrick" - TGV 01 Retiring after 41 Years of Service!

SLSF Freak Feb 13, 2020

  1. SLSF Freak

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    A couple weeks ago I was digging out all my n scale trains due to my dad and I having just finished the "loop" on his layout. I was eager to get my TGV sets out and let them stretch their legs after sitting in boxes for over 20 years... especially my Sud-Est TGV representing the TGV I rode as a kid in the early 80's. I finally found it and gave it a couple laps at speed after a few warm up rounds. She is a great looking set but old and a little jerky, definitely in need of some TLC so off to the workbench she goes...

    Fast forward to this week to the prototype, I learn that the very first TGV set that went into revenue service, named "Patrick", is retiring! It has been on a farewell tour and sporting the three paint schemes spanning its decades of service. The TGVs are amazing, fast and beautiful. Glad to have been able to take a ride in those early days!

    Photo by Christophe Masse:
  2. minesweeper

    minesweeper TrainBoard Member

    Sad to see it go, hopefully to someplace where it will be preserved.
  3. Mo-Pac

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    Yes, sad indeed! It has been big news over here in France for over a week. I am yet to ride the TGV. Too bad it doesn't run here on the island. Though we do have the narrow gauge meter rail AMG's which is fun to ride through the mountains to the coast.
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  4. BoxcabE50

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    I agree with the notion of preservation.
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  5. ddechamp71

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    Corsica's topography does not really fit for bullet trains... ;) I only missed an AMG train at a grade crossing by a few seconds when in vacation over there in last september. But my wife and myself are planning a new visit in some time, and a trip between Bastia and Ajaccio on board of this train is likely to occur.. ;)

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  6. Mo-Pac

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    I have yet to take it from Corte to Ajaccio. I have ridden it from Corte to Bastia a couple of times though. 10 euro one way from Corte to Bastia. Those pair of diesels make some noise for their small size. What I have been told also the older autorails didn't have toilets on them. These are very plush in comparison. I might take it four hours for a trip from Ajaccio to Bastia. The price one way between Bastia to Ajaccio is 21.60 euros and four hours oneway.
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