What kit would you like to see in the following months, year.

  1. a) Highway (double sided angled) old style billboard

  2. b) Mickey's dinning car

  3. c) Beach houses, with walking decks that goes strait to the ocean with round posts

  4. d) Wall panel kit of building, for back section of modules

  5. e) Acton Vale train station, from 1900 design by the Grand Trunk Railway (still standing today )

  6. f) Cat loader

  7. g) Peterbilt log truck

  8. h) Log Skidder

  9. i) Cat modern excavator

  10. x) With all the 3D models available, I don't need such kits

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  1. animek

    animek TrainBoard Member

    Hi Everyone,

    The other day I was looking at when was the last time I published a new kit. And I was astonished to see that it was back in 2017. Years are flying… not that I stopped building stuff, it’s just that I went in a few directions, then being stuck with building issues, I’ve started other stuff.

    Afterward, I had to change job 3 times. Hopefully the last one will be more stable, but it is very demanding.

    So I had the idea to write a poll to help me pick the kit I should work on and finish it, of course if people are still interested in such models.

    I will let the poll run for a few weeks and see what I should concentrate on. And hopefully finish the most selected kit by 2022.

    Structures.png Vehicles.png
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  2. Zscaleplanet

    Zscaleplanet TrainBoard Supporter

    Just a note, but Z-scale is growing by leaps and bounds. I am of the opinion there will be plenty interest, as long as it’s something everyone has been seeking, or hoping would be produced.

    Case in point, I don’t think I would venture too far into the world of vehicles. Reason being, is because several individuals have realized the need for these in Z-scale and are starting to produce some fantastic offerings. Look up Carlos Pinto in this forum and you will see some of the American based vehicles he is producing, all the way from Portugal mind you. With no assembly required either and the quality is amazing.

    Several things I believe we are missing in Z-scale are centers of industry. Such as factories, warehouses, welding shops, machine shops, and the list could go on and on. Although I must say that Basher and Sons is coming out with kits that are starting to focus on this area. And it is much appreciated, and the demand is strong for such kits. But we need more.

    1/4 wide backdrop buildings, especially four and five story buildings with loading docks I think would be a hit. I am currently on the hunt for some and there are a few out there, but variety is the key. And you can only do so much with the same building on your layout.

    I know the quality that you have produced is excellent as I have several of your kits. Billy and Ralphies houses are fantastic, and there’s always the need for a variety of different houses in any scale. If you’re building any sort of neighborhood on your layout then you need a wide variety of houses, especially if you’re focusing on a 1940’s-1960’s era.

    Just my rambling thoughts….
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  3. Uncle Nugat

    Uncle Nugat TrainBoard Member

    Modular wall kits, similar to those of DPM, would be a hit.
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  4. mdvholland

    mdvholland TrainBoard Member

    I fully agree! And don’t forget Doroty’s house, a great kit!

    I would have to agree here as well. Although these vehicle kits are amazing too, I am currently building the truck and loving it, I must admit it is pretty much the limit of my skills and it might not be for a larger target group.

    And again, I agree. Like Uncle Nugat suggests, modulars would be very nice.

    In general, I would suggest: variety and not just the unique outliers. “Average” creates the natural and realistic setting on a layout that makes a few unique buildings stand out.

    What I would personally welcome would be more or less “regular” stores, small town usa. No storeys, just the main floor. You know, like the old Hardware store, the liquor store, the barbershop, the mexican restaurant... And as far a houses are concerned: there is a fair choice of New England style houses, but I would like to see more California style bungalows, including the smaller ones.

    My five (euro)cents..
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  5. Zscaleplanet

    Zscaleplanet TrainBoard Supporter

    YES, anything representing “small town/downtown America” is very much needed.
  6. John Bartolotto

    John Bartolotto TrainBoard Supporter

    Modular wall kits, similar to those of DPM.
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  7. bostonjim

    bostonjim TrainBoard Member

    I agree. For those who like to build what is not readily available modular walls, windows, etc...would be great. The background kit you propose would be a great start. Additional walls, ells and extensions would make it a great starter kit for kitbashing. I have built almost everything you have produced. They are challenging but definitely worth the effort. The ladder truck is the hardest kit I have built. It is also one of my favorites.
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