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JLS Aug 28, 2000

  1. JLS

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    It's noon. The water work crew is on a break. People from the local hardware mfg are having a much needed lunch at the nearby restaurant and a few people are driving home on Main Street.

    As can be seen, the hardware manufacturer requires some street running to deliver cars to its loading dock. Early this morning, the local switcher brought the empty boxcar, so as not to disturb street traffic in downtown Northampton.


    And, yes, this is N scale modeling on the Susquehanna, Ontario & Western RR.

    See it on traiN'ternet web site :

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  2. Colonel

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    that is such a great shot with so much detail. I have visited your site many times and always enjoy the pics.

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  3. Craig Martyn

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    Great shot and most importantly, GREAT modeling!! I have visited the site many times and I am always impressed with the qaulity of photographs and modeling.

    Keep up the great work!

    Craig Martyn

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