NYC SW 599 in Anderson

rhensley_anderson Feb 16, 2021

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    SW-1 599 - ANDERSON IN - 07/24/1961 - (H. N. PROCTOR Photo) - {GARY STUEBBEN Collection}

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    These locos were known as the 600 wonders . Some had horns as this one does or whistles as some did . I don't know which had what . The same with the throttles ,some had notches and some had I called slide throttles . Notches were good if you had road work like a local but if you were switching the ladder the slide throttle was best . On the Niles ,Mich. to Benton Harbor , Mich. local every 30 days we would have a change engine for the yard engine at BH . They used the little 600 H.P. engines so most of the time we would only have 15 or 20 cars both directions . After jumping the hurdles getting from the yard through town we left town with the throttle wide open . Rather then hold it open I would tie it open with a rubber band .
    If you would get above 30 mph I would slip a little air to the train and never touch the throttle . On the way back and you might have 25 cars but they or at least most would be loads . From the town limits to Niles Jct. about 2 miles 1mile was up a 1.5 % grade . With the loco wide open we would use a little engine brake and with good sand we would make the hill . But the exhaust stack would be red hot about half way up the stack . As far as I know it never hurt them in any way . The 1000 and 1200 HP were better to work with but the little 600 did a good job with what it had to work with .
    We had a City job that would have 55 or 60 cars out of the yards . We head east and around the south leg of the Y and after all of the train was around the Y stop and then back through town doing our work .It was slightly uphill out of the yards and around the Y ,so with the big cut they would put another 600 HP on the rear end and shove us out of the yard . That was how it was in the old days .
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