Switch-Works Throw Bars

gregamer May 18, 2013

  1. gregamer

    gregamer TrainBoard Supporter


    This video shows how to build the throw bars for the Switch-Works "Ultimate" turnout. Switch-Works is a set of jigs for assembling "Museum Standard" track featuring wooden ties, metal tie plates, etched frogs and machined points.

    As part of the 4th Div. PNR NMRA Spring Meet, Andy Reichert's Proto:87 Stores was kind enough to lend us some of the Switch-Works tools and provide us with kits for a clinic on how to build the "Ultimate Turnout". Over the next couple of weeks I'll be doing some clinic preparation and as a special thanks to Andy I wanted to put out some videos to help promote Proto:87 Stores products.

    Find more help building the Switch-Works "Ultimate" turnout throw bars at http://www.proto87.com/throw-bars.html

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