SwitchWithIt Ver Now Available

ncng Apr 14, 2021

  1. ncng

    ncng TrainBoard Member

    Version is available for download from SourceForge.net:


    This version addresses 3 issues:

    1. There have been a couple of reports that when the program is first installed the data files are read only. Although I was not able to duplicate this problem, I changed the program to have all newly created files set to an attribute of 0 (No attributes set).

    2. I found an accounting problem within the build process that was reducing and or preventing cars from being added along the route of a train. This has been corrected.

    3. There was a problem with empty cars (EA status) being picked up in yards and then put back to the same location. This was caused by the yard track having the Stores Empties set to No. I have changed the program so that the car will still be picked up but it will be moved to another track in the yard. See the Readme file that is part of the update for more complete details.


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