Dave Jones Jan 30, 2013

  1. Dave Jones

    Dave Jones TrainBoard Supporter

    Glad to see that posting on the milk white egg reefer.

    Trainboard has introduced what I consider to be the most innovative and useful feature that I've seen on any MR forum. Seems to me that it's a "win-win" for the buyer/middleman/manufacturer.

    That being said; an aside to Trainboard Moderator - please explain how we can cast our votes for our particular favorites, I'm taking it as posting the amount you want to the particular posting - is this so?

    And now to plump for my scale, era, and interests. The Tennessee Central bought 50 or more box cars in 1946. The TC is another of those short Class ! railroads that unfortunately became a "fallen flags" in 1968. And again, this is one of those cars that could appear anywhere on rail lines 'til the mid 70's although the footnotes in the ORER might say to contact one of the owning railroads (IC, L&N, SOU).

    Now where are you fans of that Alton & Southern box car - now there's a color scheme on a car. Or you fans of those TA&G hopper cars. Put me down for 1 of the former, 2 of the latter. And the TC cars, depending on the numbers, 1 or 2.

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