Testors Dullcote price going through the roof?

rray Oct 10, 2020

  1. BadOrder

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    I think value is where you find it, whether it is Krylon or RustOleum or some other brand as a replacement for Dullcoat.

    What I did want to point out was that most large rattle cans have a much larger spray nozzle opening that any od the Testors spray cans. I stated earlier about having to change the way I used " Chalked " as it sprays a lot more product on that the Dullcoat can.

    I have been " that guy " that has had a very good looking project ruined by some matte clear that clouded or had solvent trap in it when i was spraying the clear as a final coat. During my search for a Dullcoat replacement, a few of the things i wanted to test BEFORE every letting any matte clear touch a model. A) The products ability to flatten the appearance of the finished coat, B) Ability to withstand high humidity usage, C) Not affecting any decals or sustrates under the matte clear finish and D) Withstanding any supplemental masking during any spray process.

    The results so far are kinda varied but surprising. Yes the " Chalked " sprays heavier so I have to pull back on my spraying methods, however it flows well. The " Chalked " tends to flash off slower letting solvents out so that lessens the small bubbles you might see in a flat finish, thats solvent trap. Additionally the " Chalked " withstood masking over the top of it much better than " DullCoat". This is where I would have bet my money on " Dullcoat " but I would have lost that bet. I still have not tested how " Chalked " will affect any decals. I plan to do that on these two test panels after each has had at least 72 hours to completely dry. Below in the picture you will see the different spray nozzles and the red arrow shows where the " DullCoat " actually lifted from the generic masking tape used in the test. It should be noted that there was no surface prep prior to any of these clears being sprayed on the clear polished plastic. There being any large failure, I can still safely decant the " Chalked " clear and try it in one of my Sata airbrushes, minimizing overspray and over application of the clear. You can also see the solvent trap occuring on the " DullCoat " . Each was sprayed at 69 degrees F at 60% humidity. IF I could only trade the old " DullCoat " nozzle for the " Chalked " one, I think it would be a super great replacement for Testors. I am not schilling for any product, but I hope this information can help someone find a way around the highway robbery involved in trying to get some Testors DullCoat back onto your work desk.

    dullcoat nozzles labeled.jpg
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  2. Kitbash

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    Whoa. Not good. Dullcote is my go-to overspray. I have several of the bottles I thin-down for the air-brush. Probably have a net supply of 1.5 bottles in both of them. Testors and Rustoleum not good friends to modelers of all "stripes" ... so to speak. We should have Tom Petty's "Damage that you've done" playing as thread music.
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    I do believe that model railroading is a dying hobby. Did you know I have not seen any train sets at any local stores, Walmart, Target, Cosco, Fred Meyer, or any of the other local stores that carry toys. Sometimes at Christmas I see a plasticy set all colored up for a holiday display train, but not available year round. And at Hobby Town, they stock 2 or 3 Life-Like or Bachmann sets, but not much else. Train shops are all a thing of the past.

    I still get that little kid joy when I see a train set, but the days of a train set running in a toy store window are long gone. I have to watch "A Christmas Story" to see kids looking in a toy store windows that has trains, and only have fond memories, with a sense of loss feeling inside.

    And not being able to locally buy Dullcote or hobby paints, detail parts, and decal sets, all adds to that sense of loss feeling.
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    I clicked like only because I feel like you are correct and I pretty much feel the same way :(
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  5. Shortround

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    When I came here I soon found the best hobby paint was available at the True Value hardware store. The owner is a model railroader and has a layout hung from the ceiling with a track about 8" wide. In the last two year we hardly see it run and the Testers is gone the same as most of the hobby and craft paints. Now we have to go to the "Big Super Store" down the street for large cans of spray and no small containers of brushable. So I may have to order on-line. Shipping is get up there too. :(

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