That didn't really happen, did it?

kevsmith Jan 4, 2019

  1. kevsmith

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    As a professional railwayman I some sometimes come across things that make me scratch my head and go Really?

    scrolling through youtube the other night looking for videos of the British built LMS Stanier 8F 2-8-0s that ended up in Turkey I came across this.

    From the start it is just some nice footage of a mixed train running on a rural route in Turkey. The fun starts about 2.52 minutes and you'll never look at turntable operations in the same way again.

    Although this is quite old this is one I filmed years ago in Thailand which we still show to new fitters when they come to work for us. basically everything is wrong!

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  2. minesweeper

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    For the first one, apart from the guys trying to stop the tender from crashing at the end of the track, cutting locos from the tender in order to turn them separately was common practice in europe (cheaper than installing new turntables in some places where few turns were needed) in the steam era.
    The tenders should be supposed to have its own brakes and brake wheel...? But being the loco British design, I am not sure if they put a wheel brake on that kind of tender.
    I have a model of a 2-8-0 8F Wartime Stainer, this one HAS brake shoes on the tender (brake wheel I do not know). The loco on the video is not a 8F, it ls a 2-8-2, I think one of the ones called "Mikes".
    Details here

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