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cfritschle Oct 5, 2020

  1. cfritschle

    cfritschle TrainBoard Member

    TomyTec recently released a sawmill truck set and a log transporter set that feature 1:150 scale models. I purchased the log transporter set to see if the vehicles in this set would work with 1:160 scale models.

    The Isuzu TXD-50A in this set was originally released in TomyTec Truck Collection 8. This truck reminds me of the surplus military trucks that were auctioned off after World War II, and were repurposed for civilian use. The mini excavator with “claw” in this set was first released as a flatbed load in TomyTec Truck Collection 12. However, the crawler transporter in this set is new tooling as far as I can tell, and the model appears to be based on a Morooka prototype, which has been marketed in the U.S.

    Trainworx Peterbilt 351 log truck, TomyTec Isuzu TXD-50A, the crawler carrier, and the mini excavator with claw[​IMG]

    I included the Trainworx logging truck in the comparison photo to give you a better idea of how the vehicles in this set look with a “known” 1:160 scale model.

    A close up view of the crawler carrier with the bed tilted for unloading

    The closest prototype for the crawler carrier that I have been able to find so far is the Morooka MST800VD.

    And, does anyone know if logging companies actually use crawler carriers for transporting logs anywhere in North America?


    Note: I did not include the operator and logs that came with this set in the photos.
  2. Philip H

    Philip H TrainBoard Member

    That Crawler base would be really useful for modeling marsh equipment used by the oil and gas industry.

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