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r_i_straw May 17, 2020

  1. r_i_straw

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    I have been invited to take a ride on the former NYC Bonnie Brook. This private car has been donated to the Galveston Railroad Museum by the current owner in New Orleans. The former New York Central round end observation car is in excellent condition. A number of folks have been invited to ride from New Orleans to Houston on Monday, May 25th. The trip would include an Executive Chef and steward, Continental Breakfast, Cajun plated lunch, hot/cold appetizers in late afternoon, complimentary Bloody Mary’s, beer and wine. An additional treat may be two private cars for viewing departing the same day on the City of New Orleans. (Subject to availability by Amtrak to spot in station).

    Dang, being in the older age demographic susceptible to the Corona virus, I think I will have to decline this time around. With having to fly to New Orleans, taxi to a hotel and then to the depot, it would be hard to stay isolated. Not to mention the other 20 or so guests riding on the car.

    Here it is in Chicago in July of 1991.
  2. Hytec

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    Russell, I doubt there's anything to worry about. Two friends flew from Minneapolis, changed at CHI, into NOLA on Thursday. 22 folks on first plane, 12 on second. Be aware, be careful, but live your life. Please, enjoy your life in spite of what we're besieged with by the media.
  3. mmi16

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    Only you know the level of risk that you feel comfortable in taking.

    Some are extremely risk averse, some are risk takers and some are in between.

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