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Brothersteve Mar 23, 2019

  1. Brothersteve

    Brothersteve New Member

    So its been 10 years since I took down my O scale layout and, I have decided to set it back up .I have gargraves track that is used but still okay. I am thinking of switching to lionel fast track or mth or k-line. Trying to get some opinions about whats the best track.Thanks for you input.
  2. C&O Railfan

    C&O Railfan TrainBoard Member

    I think K-Line went bankrupt about 15 years ago, so that's out, unless you find a bunch on eBay or something. Too bad too because it was good track that was affordably priced. Personally, I favor MTH Realtrax over Lionel Fastrack because the center rail is black on MTH.

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  3. strummer

    strummer TrainBoard Member

    FWIW: I just wanted a large test loop and opted for Fastrack: I like the tie spacing better than the MTH and it seems to work very well...

    Mark in Oregon
  4. country joe

    country joe TrainBoard Member

    FasTrack has more curved and straight fitter sections than Realtrax. The good selection of different track sections is the reason why I chose FasTrack over Realtrax for my layout.
  5. Keith

    Keith TrainBoard Supporter

    I use FastTrack and Atlas. However, the black coloring of center rail
    wears, and gums up pick up shoes/rollers. Does not appear to cause
    issues, that I’ve noticed. Other than flickering caboose of passenger
    car lights, but I think that’s somewhat expected.
  6. Geomodelrailroader

    Geomodelrailroader New Member

    for me it is Atlas and Rocco with modifications. and Bachmann and Kato with modifications. Arnold is too sharp and has poor current, Peco uses British H Rail and the joiners put up a fight, and Bachmann and Lifelike are not prototypical. Atlas and Micro Engineering and also Rocco have parts which are interchangeable Bachmann with modifications and Kato you have to buy a conversion kit. But if you are here in the US Atlas is the way to go but you will have to change your wheels and trucks with them because their wheel sets can get stuck on turnouts and cause shorts and sometimes derailments and the trip pins can snap. Not a problem contact Microtrains and they will sell you replacement wheels and trucks.

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