Trainwatching live broadcasts from Syracuse NY

mic1011 Aug 6, 2012

  1. mic1011

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    I've recently begun broadcasting live from the railyard in Dewitt, NY, a suburb of Syracuse NY. This is a major CSX area, but have seen other engines. I broadcast live 3 nights a week, Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday.

    I hang out waiting for trains, listen to music, talk to viewers in the chatroom etc... I'd love to share the experience with all of you.

    Please stop in and see what we do....I get right up on the train tracks and you can really feel the power of the trains go by. We get lots of freight trains with the occasional Amtrak...

    My channel to watch live is user mic1011 on Ustream. Ustream dot tv...won't let me do links yet :)

    Next broadcast is Tuesday 6:30PM EDT.

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