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Schraddel Oct 1, 2010

  1. Schraddel

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    Hello folks!
    Here is my second attemp of realising a manual turnout control.


    The basics are toggle switches. I elongated the lever by soldering a piece of 4mm brass rod to it and drilled a 1.5mm hole as seen in the picture. This switch is monted on an piece of angled aluminium sheet screwed on front of the module. A further hole was drilled in the front plate of the module to go "underground" with the actuating rods.

    This is an look from underneath. The rod leads to the turnout lever which is bend like an "Z" shape and went through the module plate. The lever is beared in a short piece of brass tube.

    The look from above to the upper end of the lever. The very end is bend again at 90° to fit into the bore in the tie. This is an Atlas Code 83 #8 turnout.

    Here is a kind of remote control when the switch cannot mounted directly opposite to the turnout. The rod from the switch is on the left side. A short piece of brass tube was soldered near the the middle of the lever. A simple nail is the pivot for the lever.
    I had to resolder the bearing of the long lever by flame and it burned a little bit...

    And for i used really electric switches there is no problem to make the frogs alive.

    Greetings Lutz

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