UMTRR 2021 Back Issues Now Available

umtrr-author Jan 18, 2022

  1. umtrr-author

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    For those of you who don't subscribe to the Unofficial Micro-Trains Release Report (and why not? :confused:) or need to relocate an issue from last year, the 2021 issues are now available on the UMTRR site:

    This brings the Back Issues page up to date, with PDF-based copies available from 2010 forward. (Issues from before that are no longer available.)

    IMPORTANT NOTE: The back issues are just that-- back issues-- and since then, information may have been updated, corrected, or otherwise made obsolete. In addition, given the ever-changing Internet, any links in these issues may no longer function. I have no control over this! In particular, since 2020, a number of releases have been rescheduled and I have not updated these back issues to reflect that. The Release Tables on the site for each year are more up to date and should be referenced for the most correct release dates I have. Remember... "free and worth at least that much"...
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