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kevsmith Nov 29, 2019

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    In an occasional series I want to look at some of themore humdrum locos that are the backbone of railway preservation in the U.K. These engines don't have the glamour of the world famous main line express locos like Mallard, Flying Scotsman or Tornado but are a vital asset to start-up preservation lines when they need to have something to run and attract visitors.

    One of these unsung preserved locomotives in the U.K is Baguley 3410 of 1955 'Marstons Thompson and Evershed no 4'.

    It was converted from a Hudswell Clarke saddle tank in 1955 although there is some doubt about how many components were re-used


    It did retain the original nameplates squuezed onto the footplate valance

    [​IMG] and

    Having served its working life at the giant Marstons brewery in Burton in preservation it became the first loco to arrive at Barrow Hill roundhouse in the late 1990s after the depot was saved. At the time we had virtually nothing except a big empty locoshed so its arrival was welcome


    A stalwart performer for the first couple of years, noted for the fact that it only sounded as if it ever was running on only 5 cylinders, it was gradually superseded by more powerful and efficient locos and eventually transferred to the Chasewater Light railway where it is preserved to this day.

    Recently I understand that the no 4 part of the plate has re-surfaced at an auction and has been re-united with the loco

    Seen on the video in action bringing various main line locomotives onto the depot at Barrow Hill from 1998 to 1999 including Peaks, Class 37s , Deltics, A.C electrics and Jubilee 4-6-0 'Kolaphur'.

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