1. cthippo

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    I model the Spokane, Portland and Seattle Ry (SP&S) in the 1965-72 time frame. Mostly Pre-BN merger, but I do have a few remaining BN units and it gives me a chance to run my CB&Q and leased SP power every once in a while. My primary project right now is a model of the SP&S trains 1 and 2 in about 1969 so I can do passenger cars in the SP&S Broad stripe, narrow stripe, and modified broad stripe, GN EB, Big Sky Blue, and merger green and NP Lowey scheme cars, and all in the same train! The rainbow era on the SP&S started early!
  2. Railfan462

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    I have decided on modeling the 50's and I plan to use a great deal of "Artistic License".

    I live in Queens, New York City, an area rich
    in railroad history. I'll model the Woodside station of the Long Island Railroad, the
    Sunnyside Yards which were used by the Pennsylvania R.R., Atlantic Coast Line, LIRR,
    and the Hellgate Bridge of the New Haven RR.
    You can bet that equipment from the New York Central will also be prominent too. (That's where some of the Artistic license comes in).

    The 50's allows me to use my favorite types of locomotives.......plenty of steam........
    Pacifics and Hudsons.....and E-6 and F-7 diesels. There were many GG-1's in the Sunnyside Yards too and The LIRR had a
    4-6-0 called a G-5. Somewhere on the layout
    there will be a coastal scene.....trestles and swing bridges crossing coastal water as on the Connecticut shoreline. I would also like to include a trolley line and some rapid transit in my underground. I told you......Queens has a lot of rails.......past and present. One catch
    though........the New Haven has a catanary system. Shall I use artistic license and run the electric locomotives without it ?, or must I be true to life?

    Tomorrow morning I will begin to assemble the framework for the yard and the station....
    Penn Station.....the real one is in Manhattan.
    Mine will be at the end of the Yard.......under-
    ground, in Long Island City. (More artistic license). My immediate goal is to begin constructing the yard with an oval of track at the perimeter so that I can begin running a
    few trains. This portion of the layout will measure about 14 X 5.
  3. Railfan462

    Railfan462 E-Mail Bounces

    Stickymonk........what happened?
    Why is my message on twice? The time of the second one is 0230.......I was long in bed by then.
    Anyway, the table is assembled. Now,.....
    I'll add a short extention to accomodate my underground station and I'll begin laying track.....and wiring........and turnouts......and
    platforms........and lighting.......and more wiring.

    I thought that this terminal would be a good place to store trains......sort of dust free
    if that's possible. I plan 8 tracks. Each pair
    would join at a Y connection so they would exit through 4 tunnels. One track would be devoted to Rapid Transit which after a pause would reverse itself. Another platform would be given to the commuter line. The rest might
    be used for storage and I guess the NYC will
    have a presence. All these things are yet to be decided. That brings up a question, particularly for you New York Central fans.
    I'll need an electric locomotive. Does anyone make a model of .........what is it?.......an RB-1?
    Lady Sunshine...where are you?

  4. Alan

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    Yeah, we noticed the time difference on the double posts, they are usually the same, or a minute apart. very strange! As Matt is without his computer right now, I deleted the second post [​IMG]
  5. Railfan462

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    Well,..........I'm a little behind schedule......
    nothing new there........but I'm finally getting around to getting serious about real track planning. The past 2 weeks have been spent
    finishing up my night lighting, including a crescent moon, and finishing off the portion of ceiling that will be out of reach once I set up
    the layout. I'm not skilled at taping sheet-
    rock but I'm pleased to report that the ceiling,
    with just a base coat of primer, looks pretty good.
  6. BNSF 9965

    BNSF 9965 TrainBoard Member

    I model everything from the 70's till modern equipment I am currently working on a ATSF SD45-2 and the three BNSF AC4400CW's. :D
  7. Johnny Trains

    Johnny Trains Passed away April 29, 2004 In Memoriam

    Modeler's License: freelanced New Haven yard in the Bronx.

    The scenery says "old industrial".
    9/11 posters on buildings or something to follow.........

    The vehicles say up to the early 90's. I use a number of current looking municipal vehicles for NYC, if they came in older versions that would have been better!
    Also older vehicles tucked away in certain places, not to be moving soon.

    The motive power: NH 44 Tonner; NH F7; NH GP9.

    Rolling stock: All fallen flags. Can't help it but I love the Pennsey, WM, EL........and a couple of work cars for the LIRR.

    Therefore the Modeler's License.
  8. rrman48

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    Hey all, I trying to model the ICRR, from about
    1900 to 1949 as my wifes grandaddy was employed there. In and around N.O. & MEM.
    and Louisville(I think)..Mominlaw said he was the first telegraph operator for IC in the
    southern region(?) Have to research more..
    His name was Finis (pappy) Brewer.
  9. Railfan462

    Railfan462 E-Mail Bounces

    Johnny,.......years ago my brother-in-law
    was a switchman in a tower in the Mott
    Haven yards. I spent an evening with him
    throwing switches. There were 15 or 20
    switches.....long levers with squeeze handles.
    I had a very exciting job at the time but I got quite a thrill routing the passenger traffic
    which was heading in to Grand Central Terminal.
  10. Kitbash

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    The C&O Railway between 1945 and late '55. (Notice stretch through '55 to get in some gratuitous GP-9's ) ;)

    However, I dont model a specific area.. it is somewhat freelanced in the Blueridge. Currently, I am running 2-8-0's, a Mikado, a P2000 0-8-0, a Riv' Allegheny, Geep 7's and 9's, FP7's, a BL2, and a SW2 switcher. I have a line up of F7's ordered from Intermountain since they recently came out w/ the C&O F7 shells that look great!

    This is a good thread. I have enjoyed reading what everyone is in to.


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